Thursday, February 13, 2014

Great but slow start to Horsey Year!

CNY is finally ending, and I know HORSE year will be a BIG bang for us!
Snake years were LAME, and our life seems to have been on PAUSE, but big things are coming and I know it's gonna be GOOD! So I will most likely resume my LIFE in MARCH!? Hopefully, I can restart it EARLIER ...

Day One of CNY, RED RED to start the Horsey Year!
But TOto very grouchy because not enough SLEEP laaaaaaaaaa ...

My All time favourite, Mom's Steamboat!

Another Celebration at Ben's!
With MsChan DIY Yusheng, and it's yummy ...
Within a few minutes ALL FINISH, like WTH?
Not enough for ME!

The gang that came to participate!
And this is our "SO NEAR YET SO FAR", hopefully I can reveal SOON!
Catching up on the blog here soon!


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