Friday, January 17, 2014

Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant - Clarke Quay

Happy Birthday my Dear 'OLD' friend!!!
And she chosen Mitsuba by Yurine Japanese Restaurant - Clarke Quay.
Hubba was so late, I was worried that we couldn't make it in time!
LUCKILY we made and made all the orders right before 'last order'!

The sashimi is THICK and FRESH!

Thumbs up for Soft shell crab!

I had the Salmon Don and I love the sweet sushi rice!

Stay Young and Sweet FOREVER!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good riddance 2013, 2014 here I COME!

2013 is not a smooth year for us.
But then looking back, we actually managed to have 4-5years of good year too.
2013, was a year of unpredictability, instability and was met with alot of difficult situation that just doesn't go our way. The most difficult being TOto, who was trapped in USA and has to fly alone back to Singapore and was quarantine for 10 days.

BUT then on the flip side, we have ALOT OF FREE TIME together as a family! No $$$ but alot of time together! Hubba holiday-ed for 6 months till my mom asked whether his brain will SLOW DOWN or not! That is so funny, my MOTHER is counting for us ...

Lost some, gained alot too.
NOTHING is worth me getting upset and not moving forward.
I have seen too much to keep looking back. 

SO despite all the obstacles that happen we moved on, tried our hardest to solve all the obstacles; one by one. Luckily we have lotsa of 贵人 along the way that help us along. AND with helps here and there, we beat the ODDS and managed to SOLVE everything but of course lose alot of $$$ along the way. WELL 2013 is supposed to be a bad year so if $$$ can solve everything I am glad we can use $$$ to eradicate the 'bad' fengshui.

GOOD RIDDANCE everything BAD that happen in 2013;I DON'T MISS YOU!

Despite everything that happened, I am just glad that we had our furryboy and are back together as a family pack! Nothing beats having all loves one happily together!!!
In 2014 I just want to LOSE weight, be healthy and HAPPY!
I hasn't been giving this blog attention but hopefully I can do more stuffs this coming year when I have my own place! I HATE messing up mommy's kitchen; can't stand the nag and criticism hahahaha.

I KNOW 2014 will be A GOOD YEAR!


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