Thursday, September 19, 2013

TIM HO WAN @ TPY Toa Payoh

 Gf was at Bishan for a morning meeting and she volunteer to go queue at THW TPY, so I agreed to go! Seriously I HATE having to QUEUE for food especially when I have to PAY $$$ for it! But luckily the queue was short and she hasn't got to wait for long, and we were late. THW is strict, they only allow people to go in if the WHOLE group is here!
The pictorial menu!
We ordered quite alot for 4pax!
We tried to cancel after we are almost full, but one of the lady staff was reluctant, and when we insist she comes back to say CANNOT. I am quite PISSED, CANNOT or DON'T WANT? I will cancel a star for not accomdating to customer wishes? We just wanted to cancel their MONTHLY special which is the Fried noodle which SUCKS!
Century Porridge came first and they were SERIOUSLY GOOD!
The next time I GO, I want a bowl ALL TO MYSELF ...
The braised chicken feet came as a surprised, it was not the usual red braised but a soy based braised. Another blaaaaaaaahhh too ...
We ordered 3 types of Chee Cheong fun; prawn, pork liver and Char Siew.
I like the prawn best, the prawn is HUGE and there are packed full of prawns. The char siew version is plain, and we have had better.
The liver Chee Cheong Fun is rather unique, I can't say I like it but I don't think I will order them again!
My friends loves the Malai Gao, it is indeed fluffy and warm!

The specialty Char Siew bun, the skin dough is light and crunchy with juicy Char Siew inside! 
THE FLOP noodles that we tried to cancel!
Lo Mai Gai is really fragrance with alot of chicken meat!
Will love it more if there is an egg ...
Lo bak Gao is a rare blaaaaaaaahhh ...
JUST bland, maybe didn't add enough MSG hahahaha!

Worth the crowd and queue!?
I will definitely come back but won't come in if there is a queue!
I HATE queuing for food, I really don't have the patience for them ...

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