Sunday, September 15, 2013

Groupon Voucher Ah Yat Abalone TURF CITY Dim Sum Buffet

Bro was on leave and mom not working on weekday so I decide to bring mom out for a family meal! So DIM SUM what else, hahaha! I gotten another groupon voucher but at Turf City this time round!

I am curious what are the differences between the branches because I read rave reviews for the FORUM restaurant but not much on Turf City!

The menu is almost the same with a few different dishes offered.
But seems like the quality are almost the same!

This is You tiao wrapped in chang fen, was a BLAH too, tasted weird to me!
I prefer just you-tiao!
Century Egg porridge is blah too, bland!
Need some youtiao, hahaha ...

Carrot cake is good, I likey!
This is the THW copycat; char siew bun!
But they named it the Mexican Char siew bun and we were curious ...
The COffee Custard bun was a flop at Turf City, the salted egg were overcooked.
Prawn 'her cho', "erm" too.
Braised beef noodle, "erm" too!
Still, most the the usual dim sums are quite nice and fresh, and with the pricing (38 for 2pax), I think it's value for money.

Will I go back? Of course, maybe I need a DIM SUM break for a month or TWO?
Hahahaa ~

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