Thursday, September 19, 2013

TIM HO WAN @ TPY Toa Payoh

 Gf was at Bishan for a morning meeting and she volunteer to go queue at THW TPY, so I agreed to go! Seriously I HATE having to QUEUE for food especially when I have to PAY $$$ for it! But luckily the queue was short and she hasn't got to wait for long, and we were late. THW is strict, they only allow people to go in if the WHOLE group is here!
The pictorial menu!
We ordered quite alot for 4pax!
We tried to cancel after we are almost full, but one of the lady staff was reluctant, and when we insist she comes back to say CANNOT. I am quite PISSED, CANNOT or DON'T WANT? I will cancel a star for not accomdating to customer wishes? We just wanted to cancel their MONTHLY special which is the Fried noodle which SUCKS!
Century Porridge came first and they were SERIOUSLY GOOD!
The next time I GO, I want a bowl ALL TO MYSELF ...
The braised chicken feet came as a surprised, it was not the usual red braised but a soy based braised. Another blaaaaaaaahhh too ...
We ordered 3 types of Chee Cheong fun; prawn, pork liver and Char Siew.
I like the prawn best, the prawn is HUGE and there are packed full of prawns. The char siew version is plain, and we have had better.
The liver Chee Cheong Fun is rather unique, I can't say I like it but I don't think I will order them again!
My friends loves the Malai Gao, it is indeed fluffy and warm!

The specialty Char Siew bun, the skin dough is light and crunchy with juicy Char Siew inside! 
THE FLOP noodles that we tried to cancel!
Lo Mai Gai is really fragrance with alot of chicken meat!
Will love it more if there is an egg ...
Lo bak Gao is a rare blaaaaaaaahhh ...
JUST bland, maybe didn't add enough MSG hahahaha!

Worth the crowd and queue!?
I will definitely come back but won't come in if there is a queue!
I HATE queuing for food, I really don't have the patience for them ...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Groupon Voucher Ah Yat Abalone TURF CITY Dim Sum Buffet

Bro was on leave and mom not working on weekday so I decide to bring mom out for a family meal! So DIM SUM what else, hahaha! I gotten another groupon voucher but at Turf City this time round!

I am curious what are the differences between the branches because I read rave reviews for the FORUM restaurant but not much on Turf City!

The menu is almost the same with a few different dishes offered.
But seems like the quality are almost the same!

This is You tiao wrapped in chang fen, was a BLAH too, tasted weird to me!
I prefer just you-tiao!
Century Egg porridge is blah too, bland!
Need some youtiao, hahaha ...

Carrot cake is good, I likey!
This is the THW copycat; char siew bun!
But they named it the Mexican Char siew bun and we were curious ...
The COffee Custard bun was a flop at Turf City, the salted egg were overcooked.
Prawn 'her cho', "erm" too.
Braised beef noodle, "erm" too!
Still, most the the usual dim sums are quite nice and fresh, and with the pricing (38 for 2pax), I think it's value for money.

Will I go back? Of course, maybe I need a DIM SUM break for a month or TWO?
Hahahaa ~

Big A$$ F21 Plastic Sunglass

my F21 is here, and I love my new sunglasses to bit!
Hahahaha make my face feels so tiny ...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Groupon Voucher Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant Dim Sum Buffet

After waiting for sometime, I finally gotten a Dim Sum buffet from Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant. Judging from the reviews online Ah Yat Abalone Forum seems to have the best reviews between the Turf City Branch, and Jurong Branch! So I wait and wait and WAIT for this FORUM branch's deal!

We made a reservation for 11.30pm and were the first few customer to arrive and was escorted to the 4 or 5 level, I couldn't remember! 
We were sat down and were given a Order paper and we had to pay for the tea and peanut by cash; which is compulsory.
In total we had 20 plates of dim sum.
There were actually quite a good variety of DIM SUMS that we like.
I don't really like DIM SUM that are too fanciful, and always preferred the more traditional dimsums!

Some of the highly recommended by ME!

The Chee Chong Fun skin was really thin!

Look at the PRAWNS!
This is the Banana Fritter with Red bean paste!
This is the first time I had a Salted egg custard bun, and it was really good and fresh!
I LOVE it, their Dim Sums are HIGHLY recommeded!
Will definitely come back if there is a similar deal!
Hubba wanted to try out either the Turf City or Jurong Bird Park branch but I am a tad hesistant ...

I missed Dim Sum already, hahaha.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Taobao-ING ...

It started with this ...
And then we get some stuffs for TOto ...
Pet stuffs is EXPENSIVE in Singapore, even  a normal raffia rope toy is EX.
Then I sneak a few of my stuffs ...
And find some westie design in Taobao SO CUTE!
But the gal design, Westie eating watermelon is OOS; so sad ...
My crafting of course next and find out the crafts are FREAKING CHEAP! 
But I have to control abit because I still has ALOT of stuffs being shipped back from USA, arrrrrghhhh and they are taking like FOREVER!
THE BAD of buying from TAOBAO, everything look so CHEAP! I just wanted a few pieces of felt to complement my Amis, and looks what I gotten. A ONE FULL SET Of FELTING material! Felting looks fun too, maybe ... Hahaha too much time on hand, think too much!
So excited, hope they arrives soon!


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