Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gurney Drive flop ...

Hubba saw this restaurant at AMK a few months back and has been looking for an opportunity to come visit for their Penang Laksa. After a tedious 2 hour visiting TOto today, we decide to eat out and Hubba again suggested Gurney drive. FOr some unknown reason I am quite reluctant to go, and gave traffic jam, as and excuse or maybe try another new restaurant at Mandai to convince him otherwise; but all was being shot down and I am driven to CWP!

Luckily when we reached there wasn't any queue, and I ordered their PREMIUM PENANG fried Kway teow. I certainly don't think it taste any difference, and maybe I can get better CKT from any kopitiam! It's just normal CKT with more prawns and I am certainly being charged a PREMIUM for it!
Hubba Penang Laksa was indeed SOURISH, but he said it's just normal and he had had better.
Belachan Chicken wing?
Tasted like Har Cheong Kai to me.
Penang Chendol was a "PLEASE don't murder the dessert!"
IT was actually gross with the Coconut Cream all frozen on top! The cream was toooooooooooooooo thick, and after we stir up everything there were clumps of coconut cream floating everywhere. 

But to be fair, the Chendol were waived because we didn't enjoyed it.
Ok, I don't think I will ever go back whether the chendol were waived or not ...

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