Saturday, August 24, 2013

1-1 Lunch Buffet @ Swiss Cafe (Lousy Service, soso Quality and limited Quantity!)

With and without filter hahaha, just being VAIN!
We were queuing for our reservation!

The rest of the gang; LATE!
So long never eat buffet, I am so excited ...

I only like this Ketchup Prawn Dish!

Verdict : VERY LIMITED selection of food.

1-1 so they cut the selection in half TOO?
Only one type of Salmon Sashimi and the sushi selection is pathetic and the quantity is pathetic too! Each time the server takes out the tray, its SWIPE clean! I didn't bother to hover about BECAUSE we are at SWISS CAFE, why the hell do we need to 'beg' for food!? We should be given enough QUANTITY not to need to HOVER about just waiting for the sushi to come!

The cooked category is WORST; one chicken dish, one fish dish, one veggie dish and one prawn dish. A few different RICE only and one type of damn disgusting sweet ONION SOUP! And I thought 'wah' Cheese fondue but there are only some dry bread, and another 2-3 dish for cheese fondu which I cannot even remember WHAT!

At the Carving station, only a LAMB leg and nothing else!
And worst of all, the carving station and spaghetti station is taken care of by ONE LADY! So you either wait freaking long at either of the station! HALO, SWISS CAFE!?

Limited variety of dessert, FULL STOP!


Thank god for the company!

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