Saturday, August 24, 2013

1-1 Lunch Buffet @ Swiss Cafe (Lousy Service, soso Quality and limited Quantity!)

With and without filter hahaha, just being VAIN!
We were queuing for our reservation!

The rest of the gang; LATE!
So long never eat buffet, I am so excited ...

I only like this Ketchup Prawn Dish!

Verdict : VERY LIMITED selection of food.

1-1 so they cut the selection in half TOO?
Only one type of Salmon Sashimi and the sushi selection is pathetic and the quantity is pathetic too! Each time the server takes out the tray, its SWIPE clean! I didn't bother to hover about BECAUSE we are at SWISS CAFE, why the hell do we need to 'beg' for food!? We should be given enough QUANTITY not to need to HOVER about just waiting for the sushi to come!

The cooked category is WORST; one chicken dish, one fish dish, one veggie dish and one prawn dish. A few different RICE only and one type of damn disgusting sweet ONION SOUP! And I thought 'wah' Cheese fondue but there are only some dry bread, and another 2-3 dish for cheese fondu which I cannot even remember WHAT!

At the Carving station, only a LAMB leg and nothing else!
And worst of all, the carving station and spaghetti station is taken care of by ONE LADY! So you either wait freaking long at either of the station! HALO, SWISS CAFE!?

Limited variety of dessert, FULL STOP!


Thank god for the company!

Monday, August 12, 2013

126 @ Serangoon

Trying out the 126 at Serangoon, gf says that this is their 'kitchen'.
Luckily we visited their FB page before we came, this branch closes at 2am.
Ordered the usual ...
But seems like most stuffs are better at the Geylang Branch ...
The pig intestine is tough and chewy, not nice!

Verdict; I prefer the Geylang branch, and nope won't come back again. Their chilli is way off too.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bak Chor Mee @ Bedok 85 Fenghsan Center

G.fren is back from HK and we were off to Airport to fetch her home; she suggested supper here @ Bedok.

And the famous Bak Chor Mee is here.

We ordered Or Jian too!

I think MY OWN version of Bak Chor Mee is sooooooooooooooooo MUCH BETTER!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tak Po @ Chinatown blaaaaaaah

Was around the area at chinatown and was intending to go Siahuat PLUS, I had craving for dimsum, so we just walked in with my mom and started ordering.

The prices looks reasonable but of course we know why now...
I think the only freshly made-in-store is the Chee Cheong Fun ...
And these are good ...
The rest just tasted 'frozen-factory' to me.
We all agree the 凤抓 is the worst, the sauce is flourly THICK and just sweet.

Porridge is BLAND!
And too watery ...

I bet this is more for 'foreigners' than local?
Reasonably priced blaaaaaaaah dim sum!
Will never go back ...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

566 Cafe @ Mandai Estate

We find this phamplet on our cafe about this quaint steamboat place at Mandai Estate, and we are curious! What is a restaurant doing at Ulu ulu Mandai Estate. A google shows that it is actually a tze-char place. So after a 4 hours visitation with TOto, I am famished!
And decide to go for it since we have to drive home via Mandai Road and this cafe is right at the end of WOodlands Road/Mandai Road.
It's situated at 566 Woodlands Road, Mandai Estate, Singapore.
See the Dinosaur head?
THAT will be the entrance into the restaurant.

Seems like Fish Head steamboat is their 主打!
Hubba ordered a Ee mee, and he finds them okok.
My Horfun also okok, but these 2 dish are not heavily MSG-ed, and they gives 2 REAL prawns hahaha!
We both LOVE the salted egg sotong!
The whole meal cost us 19$.
4$each for our ee mee and horfun, 10$ for the sotong and 1.50$ for their coke.
NO GST, and no Service charge, plus free shipping!
We see some outdoor seating, hmmmmmm maybe can bring TOto for dinner here!
And we spotted a beer garden next door!
Interesting ...


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