Friday, July 5, 2013

顶好台灣小厨 Wonderful Taiwan Delights in Marsiling!

顶好台灣小厨 Wonderful Taiwan Delights
Block 210 Marsiling Crescent #01-01
Marsiling, Singapore 730210
I don't even remember googling for what before I find this gem hidden in one corner of Singapore! And I used to stay in that area too! Hahaha 'this used to be my playground'! Shocked but the reviews online seems positive and the dishes looks authentically TAIWANESE! Momsie strike some $$$ so we decide to ROB her! Hahaha, and drove here here for dinner. 
The 3 appetiser offered, for some weird reason I love the braised peanuts but momsie insisted its canned! Hahaha Really? I hadn't had canned braised beans before so I couldn't comment much. The other 2 dishes was rather dry thou.
I find their dishes a little pricey ...
It's priced like they are some 'atas' restaurant, but well maybe they are confident of their food!? But when we arrived at about 5.30pm and the restaurant is EMPTY, we are worried.

Chrysanthemum tea, $5.00 a pot.

Claypot Salted fish with sliced Pork Belly.
We were expected those THICK SLAB of pork belly but these comes in those SLICED and very thin slice, and I don't really feel the BELLY, hahaha!
Stirfry Blackbean sauce Oyster.
The waitress was doubtful that we can accept this dish but I totally love it!
But maybe some people might find the COMBI weird, the oyster was rather small thou.
Spinach with Century egg ...
And lastly Hotplate 沙茶酱 beef!
GOSH, love it!
But the 沙茶酱 was a tad too mild ...
But texture everything wise is good!

The 3 of us easily FINISH everything!
Cost us S$71.60 for this meal, pricey?
One pax comes up to about 20+, not worth for only 4 dish?
But then, 有的没的 already about S$14.00 ...

Will I come back again?
Definitely for some celebrations or if other people want to treat me dinner?
Hahahaha ~

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