Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant @ Woodlands Waterfront Jetty!

Didn't have the intention to come and eat here but while googling for the address to visit Woodlands Waterfront, I saw that there is this restaurant here. 

There wasn't any signage when we arrived at the carpark and the restaurant was like right at the of the jetty. So you have to walk into the park, and even then I didn't even know the 'lighted' building at the end of the jetty is a restaurant. I have to walk right to the end before I see this signage, and call Hubba to confirm. I am worried, after tearing coupon and the restaurant is NO WHERE to be seen!

The restaurant is clean, small, non-aircon and very simple.
It's a Muslim Tze Char restaurant.

Hubba ordered the Seafood Horfun and I took the Beef Crispy Noodle.
For some reason, the crispy noodle took some time to soften. And I was like having CRISPY noodle all the way to the end. 
Hubba horfun is nicer.

We ordered Satay too!
The price is rather reasonable, especially the environment.
Where to find a Jetty Restaurant nowaday right?
Coke for 1.50$, where to find.
It was a windy night, and we took a walk after dinner.
EXCERCISE for digestion.

Will definitely visit the place again!

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