Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maxwell Food Centre 天天海南鸡饭 OVERATED?

We have come down to MND for some a few times and only just realised Maxwell market is just beside it. Hahahaha missed a few opportunities of trying out the good food here in Maxwell Food Centre.

It was 4pm, and there was a QUEUE infront of the Chicken rice stall.
It was a odd sight but Hubba decides he wants to try out the 'famous' stall.

Looks good and juicy ...

Verdict :
The sauce is thick with a strong gingerly taste which is different from other stalls. Their meat is really soft and tender. But I won't specifically comes down to have chicken rice if I have Hainanese chicken rice craving. Their rice is too mushy for my liking, and personally I think the Chicken 'rice' from near where I stay wins hands down plus it will be so much cheaper!

Here the drumstick with rice cost $4.20!
We tabao-ed UFO home!
I remember I used to see this Oyster Deep Fried Kueh in Clementi, find the taste of the kueh abit oil-old but the Oyster is fresh and I can taste prawns inside too, $2.00 each!

Singapore is really EXPENSIVE!

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