Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Honey Lemon Cleanse for FIVE days!

Since I did a detox about 4-5year ago; I will usually do a detox or cleanse or whatever people called it like once or twice a year. Usually I do a 5 days, sometimes I do a 7 days or 10 days. The longest I have done is a 21 days purely drinking HONEY drink in Colorado, Denver! Yeah it is doable, usually the toughest part is the first 3 days, after that it is a breeze and I still can do some light exercises. But of course I am a housewife, and doesn't has any kids; so it is relatively easy for me. Sometimes, it gets very tiring and I sleep the whole day/night away; especially during the day when the sun is shining and the weather is hot. For me, the cooler the weather, the easier the detox gets which explain the 21 days detox in COLD WINTER DENVER! Whatever the reason you are doing it, it is worth all the effort at the end.

*Detoxing is not for everyone, PLEASE do your own research.*

I started out with Mastercleanse but it is really HARSH, and in the end I make do with a honey lemon cleanse or just a honey water cleanse.

Basic ingredient LEMON of course and honey!
I used 2 lemon and (agaration) honey for 1 litre of water.
Some people added the zest, some add in the FULL LEMON!
But I decide to remove them, especially the seed.
The seeds are extremely BITTER!
Prep with my Shimono Blender, and zest them dry!
Add in the cut up lemons, pour in the honey and add some water.

The leftover, and throw everything away and prep to wash.
All the parts are washable, EVEN the motor bottom part can be rinsed with water!
I am so impressed during the presentation that I got one from EXPO.

Everything is easily rinsed off.
My food energy for the day ...
Hubba suddenly has this liking for Celery and Lemon juice so I 顺便!
TWO more day to go ...

How the face got sharper or not, hahahaha!

This lemon drink is NOT ONLY for detoxing, it's really thirst-quenching for HOT HOT HOT Singapore!

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