Monday, July 15, 2013

@home chicken chop & Tze Char at night ...

Prep some simple lunch for hub!
Butter, salted potato, an egg and 2 panfried boneless chops ...
Evening, we also 随便 settled our dinner at Woodlands 11 Tze Char stall.
Mom has been 'drilling' us with bad reviews, and SO up until today we finally summon up lotsa of courage to try the very basics!

Hub's Beehoon and my Black bean sauce Horfun!

MSG-loaded GOOD!
Hahahaha, 爽!

Verdict : Really NOT TOO BAD leh!
Or maybe because we came real late like 10pm?
But the waitress quite yayapapaya leh, hahaha; business SO GOOD bo?
We stood there like 3minutes and no one came forward to greet us ...
Usually the servers from Tze Char stall very PRO-ACTIVE right?

Tonight's dinner certainly encourages us to come back for MORE ...


  1. We tried a few times at the tze char stall there, the food taste is quite ok but the staff is those bo chap type. Weijin have kenna that a few times, he just stood there like a transparent person. wahaha!!!!!

  2. And if you there, don't try the Mee siam at the Malay stall. Really not up to standard! :(



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