Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CitySquare Mall, Blind Detective and Indian FOOD!

We drove by CitySquare Mall a few times, and finally we are here.
It was so empty during the weekday ...
EMPTY HUGE, such a big contrast to Jurong Jem!
Invited to watched Blind detectives, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a COMEDY. It is so funny, I laughed SO LOUD; my gfs were damn AMUSED! Hahahaha too old to be embarassed by such antics! I PAY to enjoy myself in the cinema, it's funny I LAUGH LOUD, hahaha.
Indian Dinner of course!
Marsala Thosai?
Can't remember but I don't really like it, bland and too much potatoes plus the sauces very bland.
Looks quite 'unhygenic' to me because these sauces are placed on the dinner tables on the pavement right next to the ROAD with cars zoooooming pass.
WHITE maggie goreng?
We are 'stunned', it just tasted like they used the MSG from the maggie mee to stir fry it!
Indian Rojak, erm no comment.

Coffee toooooo thin!
What a waste of calories I put into my body!

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