Friday, July 12, 2013

Changi Village Nasi Lemak, which one?

Before we arrived, we are WARNED; the original famous Nasi Lemak stall has already moved.

But when we arrived and saw 2 Nasi Lemak Stalls, there isn't any queue anywhere!?
Hahahaha, we had to 'CALL IN' for help, and we were giving the 招牌, "International Muslim Stall"; 5th stall from the first row."

Wow very specific, and true enough we are at the wrong row, and there is a queue at the stall.
But from Hubba's experience, he remember there is another stall with a better tasting chilli paste; so he took the risk and bought from another stall.

$3.50 per plate for the Chicken Wing Combo; we requested for MORE CHILLI.

The nasi lemak stall that hub bought from, the chilli really got another unique taste, and we spotted that the taste might comes from 'Salted Soy bean paste' aka Tau Cheo! And the one we had the chilli paste tasted sweeter and very diluted.

Verdict : Chicken wing so-so nothing special, fragrant-LESS dry rice and very diluted and sweet chilli paste. I cannot taste the Coconut milk in the rice, and it's very dry. I think I can do a better nasi lemak chilli paste and rice, than this but maybe I cannot deepfry Chicken wing. Hahahaha, airfryer ones can or not?

The 'famous' nasi lemak VERY NORMAL leh!
Waste our time driving all the way down, but luckily the carpark is free ...

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  1. Hahaha..... disappointed right? Not only you. The standard has dropped........ I totally agree with you, you can do a better nasi lemak than them.



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