Sunday, July 14, 2013

24 hour Woodlands 11 Coffeeshop - Mutton Murtabak

Hubba 'INFORMED' me he is HUNGRY at 3.30am and die die HAVE to eat!
WHAT THE HELL, I am already preparing to SLEEP and he wants to EAT!?

Luckily Woodlands 11 which is right behind where I stay has a coffeeshop that opens 24hour but don't be fool, ONLY the muslim stall opens 24hr. Most of the stalls closed by about 10-11pm. Only the Tze Char opens a tad later. One perks that we don't get to enjoy, I think the car park is free-parking after 10pm (Don't know got remember wrongly but will check again). 
We tried their Mutton Murtabak before and is so much better than their normal egg and kosong prata. Maybe because it is freshly prep rather than left out in the cold.
The skin is thin and crisp!

Fat die me!


  1. keke.. Murtabak at 3plus am. very fattening wo.. ^^ I tried the kosong prata once, not nice! :(

    1. @Choonyen, my husband very evil de la. 3.30am DEMANDS dinner, IDIOT! The kosong and the egg not nice, we tried before but their murtabak not too bad. The skin crispy and thin, the mutton fillings quite reasonable too ~ I liked it better than the 'Jln Kayu' once, and we tried twice the standard is there. But then maybe we always go at KUKU hour when no one is there ...



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