Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fatty Cheong ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre

Hubba so NICE to me, while I am doing my detoxing and CANNOT eat; he decides to eat at ABC market, and have my favourite CHAR SIEW RICE!

Fatty Cheong
ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre
6 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-120
Singapore 150006

OMG the BBQ Char Siew Pork looks so good and they are so generous with their serving of meat and rice AND the SAUCE of course!!! I WANT TO DIE, it smell so GOOD!
From where I am seated I can see the boss preparing the Char Siew, he pulled out the rack of Char Siew from his oven and dipped them into a big pot of sauce continuously.
The prices are rather reasonable too!
Die Die want to go and try again!
I think I wil try their 水饺面 加叉烧加烧肉 ...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Honey Lemon Cleanse for FIVE days!

Since I did a detox about 4-5year ago; I will usually do a detox or cleanse or whatever people called it like once or twice a year. Usually I do a 5 days, sometimes I do a 7 days or 10 days. The longest I have done is a 21 days purely drinking HONEY drink in Colorado, Denver! Yeah it is doable, usually the toughest part is the first 3 days, after that it is a breeze and I still can do some light exercises. But of course I am a housewife, and doesn't has any kids; so it is relatively easy for me. Sometimes, it gets very tiring and I sleep the whole day/night away; especially during the day when the sun is shining and the weather is hot. For me, the cooler the weather, the easier the detox gets which explain the 21 days detox in COLD WINTER DENVER! Whatever the reason you are doing it, it is worth all the effort at the end.

*Detoxing is not for everyone, PLEASE do your own research.*

I started out with Mastercleanse but it is really HARSH, and in the end I make do with a honey lemon cleanse or just a honey water cleanse.

Basic ingredient LEMON of course and honey!
I used 2 lemon and (agaration) honey for 1 litre of water.
Some people added the zest, some add in the FULL LEMON!
But I decide to remove them, especially the seed.
The seeds are extremely BITTER!
Prep with my Shimono Blender, and zest them dry!
Add in the cut up lemons, pour in the honey and add some water.

The leftover, and throw everything away and prep to wash.
All the parts are washable, EVEN the motor bottom part can be rinsed with water!
I am so impressed during the presentation that I got one from EXPO.

Everything is easily rinsed off.
My food energy for the day ...
Hubba suddenly has this liking for Celery and Lemon juice so I 顺便!
TWO more day to go ...

How the face got sharper or not, hahahaha!

This lemon drink is NOT ONLY for detoxing, it's really thirst-quenching for HOT HOT HOT Singapore!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Test drive Hado Labo Perfect Gel (3 in 1 Ultra Hydrating Gel) for 24 Hours Deep Hydration !

I participated in the Hado Labo Facebook's test driving their new 'Hada Labo Perfect Gel' and was selected for the test drive; so excited! The delivery was prompt and came with a free gift plus the product is a full size bottle! Before I came back to Singapore, I had already heard great things about Hada Labo product and hasn't come around to buying it yet because I hasn't finished my current moisturizer. I am so happy that I get to test drive this new product.

Oh right, I cut my hair SHORT SHORT SHORT, I cannot remember when I had it this short? Hahaha oh right, just a few years ago I was botak and it took about 4years to grow my hair out. Hahaha! But I love this new hairdo, and hubba kept calling me AH BOY! What the hell, CUTE right?

One full size bottle of 100gm of Perfect Gel.

No fragrance, no mineral oil, no coloring, hypoallergenic

I didn't notice any scent or smell  when I apply the gel, but if you put your nose right at the bottle there is a 'medicinal' smell. But well that statememt is 见仁见智.

The gel really felt watery and yeah gel like, felt cold and cooling when applied on the skin!
It contains Supahiaruron Acid, Collagen, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid to create rich but smooth gel-alike texture for improving dry, rough and mature skin. It gives you fresh and comfortable feeling without leaving a greasy layer after the application. With advanced Nano technology, the intensive hydrating ingredients contained in this product is able to penetrate into your skin and creates a barrier to prevent the evaporation of natural moisture of your skin.

Spread a thick layer ...

And massage it into the skin ...
Left picture shows the before and right picture shows the after.
The gel absorb into the skin real fast, and absorb well. I can feels a layer and a tad sticky at first, but then after awhile the gel adhere quite well onto the skin. So if you want to use it as a based for your makeup, it might take a while longer because the gel is actually quite thick, and works better as a mask at night or if you are not applying any make up right after the gel.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maxwell Food Centre 天天海南鸡饭 OVERATED?

We have come down to MND for some a few times and only just realised Maxwell market is just beside it. Hahahaha missed a few opportunities of trying out the good food here in Maxwell Food Centre.

It was 4pm, and there was a QUEUE infront of the Chicken rice stall.
It was a odd sight but Hubba decides he wants to try out the 'famous' stall.

Looks good and juicy ...

Verdict :
The sauce is thick with a strong gingerly taste which is different from other stalls. Their meat is really soft and tender. But I won't specifically comes down to have chicken rice if I have Hainanese chicken rice craving. Their rice is too mushy for my liking, and personally I think the Chicken 'rice' from near where I stay wins hands down plus it will be so much cheaper!

Here the drumstick with rice cost $4.20!
We tabao-ed UFO home!
I remember I used to see this Oyster Deep Fried Kueh in Clementi, find the taste of the kueh abit oil-old but the Oyster is fresh and I can taste prawns inside too, $2.00 each!

Singapore is really EXPENSIVE!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CitySquare Mall, Blind Detective and Indian FOOD!

We drove by CitySquare Mall a few times, and finally we are here.
It was so empty during the weekday ...
EMPTY HUGE, such a big contrast to Jurong Jem!
Invited to watched Blind detectives, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a COMEDY. It is so funny, I laughed SO LOUD; my gfs were damn AMUSED! Hahahaha too old to be embarassed by such antics! I PAY to enjoy myself in the cinema, it's funny I LAUGH LOUD, hahaha.
Indian Dinner of course!
Marsala Thosai?
Can't remember but I don't really like it, bland and too much potatoes plus the sauces very bland.
Looks quite 'unhygenic' to me because these sauces are placed on the dinner tables on the pavement right next to the ROAD with cars zoooooming pass.
WHITE maggie goreng?
We are 'stunned', it just tasted like they used the MSG from the maggie mee to stir fry it!
Indian Rojak, erm no comment.

Coffee toooooo thin!
What a waste of calories I put into my body!

Monday, July 15, 2013

@home chicken chop & Tze Char at night ...

Prep some simple lunch for hub!
Butter, salted potato, an egg and 2 panfried boneless chops ...
Evening, we also 随便 settled our dinner at Woodlands 11 Tze Char stall.
Mom has been 'drilling' us with bad reviews, and SO up until today we finally summon up lotsa of courage to try the very basics!

Hub's Beehoon and my Black bean sauce Horfun!

MSG-loaded GOOD!
Hahahaha, 爽!

Verdict : Really NOT TOO BAD leh!
Or maybe because we came real late like 10pm?
But the waitress quite yayapapaya leh, hahaha; business SO GOOD bo?
We stood there like 3minutes and no one came forward to greet us ...
Usually the servers from Tze Char stall very PRO-ACTIVE right?

Tonight's dinner certainly encourages us to come back for MORE ...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

24 hour Woodlands 11 Coffeeshop - Mutton Murtabak

Hubba 'INFORMED' me he is HUNGRY at 3.30am and die die HAVE to eat!
WHAT THE HELL, I am already preparing to SLEEP and he wants to EAT!?

Luckily Woodlands 11 which is right behind where I stay has a coffeeshop that opens 24hour but don't be fool, ONLY the muslim stall opens 24hr. Most of the stalls closed by about 10-11pm. Only the Tze Char opens a tad later. One perks that we don't get to enjoy, I think the car park is free-parking after 10pm (Don't know got remember wrongly but will check again). 
We tried their Mutton Murtabak before and is so much better than their normal egg and kosong prata. Maybe because it is freshly prep rather than left out in the cold.
The skin is thin and crisp!

Fat die me!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Upper Bukit Timah Ga-Hock Seafood (佳福)

Hup Choon Eating House, 794 Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678133
My East-side friends are up in the WEST for a visit, and they wanted to eat at this Tze Char place in Upper Bukit Timah place that I hasn't even heard of! And relying on our GPS we managed to find this place which is at the BACK of a kopitiam! The kopitiam front didn't has the Tze Char stall name, but luckily my gf came out and guide us in. And it was right beside a 小路!
After Googling, I realised this place is also famous for it's Sri Lankan Crab, Hubba was saying." Ey your friends everyday has to eat lobster or crabs huh?"

Hahahaha, I don't know leh!
But first up was a Har Cheong Chicken ...
Tasted so much like the Chicken Wing last night at Changi Village, hahaha!
And we realised my friends were actually here for their 'FAMOUS' Fish head curry!
The side dish and the fish head curry sauce is soooooooooooooo good, no one is actually taking the FISH! The irony, and I especially love the deepfried Tau Kee of course! And wished that there were more Okra and other veggies in the Curry sauce!

The curry has a unique blend of taste, we were almost drinking the curry sauce like it was SOUP~
The rest of the dishes CAME VERY SLOW!
It was almost a very draaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggy dinner ...
By the time the last 2 dish arrived, we finished our rice ...
The 奶白, 普普通通.
And when we cancelled the last dish, the radish omelet arrived like almost immediately!
The dinner for 5 totalled about $70+, but I didn't know the exact because our friend refused to accept $$$.  Hahaha I am scared of what we have to treat them back, oppps!
Off to 'The Rail Mall' to finish up the night we some tea and coffees of course!
Counting down for TOto to come home ...


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