Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seafood @ JB Kimdo Restaurant & Dessert @ 许留仙 CitySquare

It's almost like the 3rd day of Celebration for Hubba ...
Craving for JB seafood but Hubba refused to go to the wet market to have the seafood because the hygiene is real bad. The last time we were there, they were cockroaches hiding underneath the hotplates; and also the constant CAT-liked rats running about. And how nonchalant the stall people are when we told them about the cockroaches, ewwwwwww! So I try to find a more appropriate and hygienic place for our Seafood dinner.

Which lead me to Kimdo ...
We catch a movie at CitySquare before proceeding to dinner ...
And shared a cab about RM10 to Taman Sentosa Kimdo.
The Cab driver knows the restaurant by its name, so it should be quite reputable and hopefully its for the good food.
Gf highly recommended the Bualonglong drink but I took a safe choice, 酸梅酸酐!
Ordered some BBQ for dessert ...
We were there rather early about 5pm, so the dish came quite fast and we are the first few in the restaurant.
The Mee tai mak is highly recommeded by the boss.
And finally some DECENT lala, OH SO GOOD!
Another highly recommended dish, Tokyo Chicken that taste like Peking duck or he says its so much better! But then 'blaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh', don't feels like you are eating chicken it's dry and not crunchy at all. Taste more like low quality dried jerky. Don't bother trying, order some chicken that has REAL MEAT.
MAIN 'Kah' is here, and we ordered the 'watery salted egg'!
If I can, I would like the whole sauce up ...
Assam chilli Stingray, VERY SPICY!
But really good, tender and fresh stingray pair with real SOUR-ish and SPICY assam chilli. It's burning spicy but I cannot stop, and ordered another can of COKE.
Our meal for 6 pax!

Participants of the day!
Walked over to Grand Hotel Sentosa, and bought some cheap Coffee.
The groceries and cheaper than CitySquare!
Back to CitySquare, the gang wants to get some Lavender Bread.
Last stop of the day, DESSERT!
The famous HK 许留仙, how to resist?
Especially you will definitely PASS BY this small cafe if you want to go back SG via JB custom!
Each of us ordered something different ...


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