Friday, June 14, 2013

Fish Steamboat @ Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 (Tan Quee Lan Street)

We are here again and this time round to have their 最原始 Fish steamboat!
I love their mama drink!
Sourish ...
And ordered some dish before HY arrives!
DIE DIE must try, I LOVE ...
Always love their veggie, crisp and sweet!
For some reason there isn't bitter taste in the gai lan!
And extra Tofu dish that you can omit ...
I ordered it because long time hasn't try a Hotplate Egg Tofu!
We were very surprised at the $55.00 fish, it was really SMALL!
Love everything about the Charcoal steamboat, and the ingredient in the soup but the fish at $55.00 is pathetic and there are more bones than ACTUAL fish meat ...
And we realised more people are having their fish head curry than fish steamboat. So different from when I was here like 2 years back. Most people will have a Charcoal Steamboat on the table but now most tables ordered Claypot Curry Fish head instead. We should have realised the 'trend' earlier. Too late, but I won't be coming back for the Fish steamboat anytime soon!

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