Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dishonest, 132 Seafood Restaurant in Jurong East

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We were at Jurong East for Jems opening but their Opening were delayed, this was already PISS case number 1. So we walked over to Jurong East Blk 132/133 kopitiam to have lunch. I was having Beef Horfun Craving because we were just talking about how we used to go down to Geylang just to have Geylang Beef Horfun. After Hubba ordered his 牛肉面, I decide to order 牛肉河粉 from the Tze Char Stall.
When the plate comes, it doesn't look fantastic but it look ok.
1st, 2nd bite, something is not right with the meat; taste just like PORK!
Gotten Hubba to try, and he confirmed it's PORK.
Pork has this 涩涩 and metallic taste if it isn't marinate well.

And the thing is if they want to POSE PORK as BEEF, they should also do some HOMEWORK right! They didn't even try to 'fake' it well enough. It's just some random pork not even marinated well!
SO I took the plate and confronted the counter lady. 
I asked her, "你给我的是猪肉还是牛肉!"
She looked at a guy seated next to her, who is at the table having his dinner (I supposed is one of the chef), and she looked back at me and said,"是啊,是! ... ... ... (after some delay) 这个是白牛肉."
And the guy stood up from his dinner, take a look at the beef and said,"是这个是牛肉!" 
Then shaking his head,"是牛肉!"
(Shaking his head like I did him wrong, or 我冤枉他们!)

I really don't want to be racist, but both are from CHINA~

I even said to them, "这样,你们做生意很不老实!"
Then they decide to ignore me and continue to do what they are doing.
I guess I cannot do anything because I don't think they will refund me, and if they decide to cook another plate for me, I KNOW I WON'T EAT IT. Lose lose situation, but hate to know I can be in this kinda of situation in Singapore; cheated blatantly by CHINA PEOPLE! 

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Put it out there, there is no such thing as 白牛肉!

Me and Hubba discussed, I shouldn't be the one whom they have cheated. We guess most people really cannot differentiate or maybe they can but just thought that their 'beef' is not good. Beef is RED MEAT, and when cooked it turns DARK! Showed a few GUY friends and they can 'SEE' it's beef; RED MEAT.


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  1. These people are really dishonest!!! It seems that singapore foodcourt stall holder is flooded with china people. :(



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