Friday, June 7, 2013

Crabilicious @ Melben Seafood Ang Mo Kio

And I wonder why I getting darker and darker AND DARKER!
 I sleeps beside the window where the SUN SHINES BRIGHTLY at me ...
Back to topic ...
FOOD, what else!
GF chio me to the famous Melben Crab restaurant at AMK.

One of us went and queue up about 6.15pm and there were already a QUEUE!
We were seated maybe about 7pm!
There were about 6 of us, and the larger table for larger groups were left empty instead of seating the people in the queue. My Gf who were there first ordered, BUT the orders were only send in after we confirm that all of us are here and they can served right away without having us to be seated and then waiting for the rest of the group to come. 

But the dish came fast right after we are seated.
Garlic Kang Kong which we felt abit, 涩涩苦苦!
This is a Pork floss, Japanese mushroom tofu dish, taste is more on the sweet side; I quite like.
Interesting mix of 肉须, tofu, brown gravy and mushroom, the sweetness should comes from the Pork floss? I wonder, would really love to go back and try again!
Thai Style Chicken, sweet, sourish and spicy.
Mongolia Pepperish Pork-ribs, I think the more recommended style would be salted egg yolk but because we are ordering Salted Egg Crab so ...
The MAIN STAR is out, Crab Beehoon!
OMG this is the first time I am trying out Crab Milky Soup Beehoon; I know I damn Suaku but remember I am out of Singapore for almost 5 years OKAY~

MSGed Milkily Addictively GOOD!
After dinner, I am still THINKING when I will be coming back AGAIN; and I know its choked full of MSG! But then it's still GOOD!
Salted egg version doesn't lose out either!
Different kinda of saltish-ness, I shall come back for the CHILLI crab the next time round!
It comes up to about 80per pax including drink.
And my gfs ordered Coconut while I ordered a safe choice of Lime juice, but the lime juice is yucky; don't bother. Order the COCONUT!
Wall of Fame!
There is a WALL OF SHAME too right outside the toilet!
Pictures of customer not paying and leaving, hahahaha ...
You can recognise them?
Damn 丢脸, wearing all proper EXECUTIVE wear and not paying!?!

Really Expensive but then Satisfying ...
The MSG-withdrawal came soon right after and we are so THIRSTY afterwards hahahaha!
The PRICE we pay for 'GOOD' Food!
Melben Seafood is located at
232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 560232
Tel: +65 6285 6762

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