Thursday, June 27, 2013

Midnight Supper @ Geylang 126 搵到食 DIMSUM!

A new branch at Serangoon but gf mentioned that it is very inconvenient to park there!
I remember it is about 3.30am in the morning and the place is FULLY PACKED!
We ordered NON STOP, hahahahaha ...
Still LOVE the thick thick Sour Plum Lime drink, still the same standard!

And yes I remember this fried OYSTER!
One of our favourite ...
All these orders for 3pax!
LOVE everything, and the price is still reasonable plus I love the chilli paste here!
How I wish I can COME EVERYDAY!
Erm then again I am lucky, I cannot come everyday; Hahahaha!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I can eat this EVERYDAY!

One of this day, I AM going to weigh all her ingredient and VIDEO record EVERYTHIN!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fish Steamboat @ Xin Yuan Ji 新源记 (Tan Quee Lan Street)

We are here again and this time round to have their 最原始 Fish steamboat!
I love their mama drink!
Sourish ...
And ordered some dish before HY arrives!
DIE DIE must try, I LOVE ...
Always love their veggie, crisp and sweet!
For some reason there isn't bitter taste in the gai lan!
And extra Tofu dish that you can omit ...
I ordered it because long time hasn't try a Hotplate Egg Tofu!
We were very surprised at the $55.00 fish, it was really SMALL!
Love everything about the Charcoal steamboat, and the ingredient in the soup but the fish at $55.00 is pathetic and there are more bones than ACTUAL fish meat ...
And we realised more people are having their fish head curry than fish steamboat. So different from when I was here like 2 years back. Most people will have a Charcoal Steamboat on the table but now most tables ordered Claypot Curry Fish head instead. We should have realised the 'trend' earlier. Too late, but I won't be coming back for the Fish steamboat anytime soon!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dishonest, 132 Seafood Restaurant in Jurong East

Finally up-to-date!
We were at Jurong East for Jems opening but their Opening were delayed, this was already PISS case number 1. So we walked over to Jurong East Blk 132/133 kopitiam to have lunch. I was having Beef Horfun Craving because we were just talking about how we used to go down to Geylang just to have Geylang Beef Horfun. After Hubba ordered his 牛肉面, I decide to order 牛肉河粉 from the Tze Char Stall.
When the plate comes, it doesn't look fantastic but it look ok.
1st, 2nd bite, something is not right with the meat; taste just like PORK!
Gotten Hubba to try, and he confirmed it's PORK.
Pork has this 涩涩 and metallic taste if it isn't marinate well.

And the thing is if they want to POSE PORK as BEEF, they should also do some HOMEWORK right! They didn't even try to 'fake' it well enough. It's just some random pork not even marinated well!
SO I took the plate and confronted the counter lady. 
I asked her, "你给我的是猪肉还是牛肉!"
She looked at a guy seated next to her, who is at the table having his dinner (I supposed is one of the chef), and she looked back at me and said,"是啊,是! ... ... ... (after some delay) 这个是白牛肉."
And the guy stood up from his dinner, take a look at the beef and said,"是这个是牛肉!" 
Then shaking his head,"是牛肉!"
(Shaking his head like I did him wrong, or 我冤枉他们!)

I really don't want to be racist, but both are from CHINA~

I even said to them, "这样,你们做生意很不老实!"
Then they decide to ignore me and continue to do what they are doing.
I guess I cannot do anything because I don't think they will refund me, and if they decide to cook another plate for me, I KNOW I WON'T EAT IT. Lose lose situation, but hate to know I can be in this kinda of situation in Singapore; cheated blatantly by CHINA PEOPLE! 

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Put it out there, there is no such thing as 白牛肉!

Me and Hubba discussed, I shouldn't be the one whom they have cheated. We guess most people really cannot differentiate or maybe they can but just thought that their 'beef' is not good. Beef is RED MEAT, and when cooked it turns DARK! Showed a few GUY friends and they can 'SEE' it's beef; RED MEAT.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Crabilicious @ Melben Seafood Ang Mo Kio

And I wonder why I getting darker and darker AND DARKER!
 I sleeps beside the window where the SUN SHINES BRIGHTLY at me ...
Back to topic ...
FOOD, what else!
GF chio me to the famous Melben Crab restaurant at AMK.

One of us went and queue up about 6.15pm and there were already a QUEUE!
We were seated maybe about 7pm!
There were about 6 of us, and the larger table for larger groups were left empty instead of seating the people in the queue. My Gf who were there first ordered, BUT the orders were only send in after we confirm that all of us are here and they can served right away without having us to be seated and then waiting for the rest of the group to come. 

But the dish came fast right after we are seated.
Garlic Kang Kong which we felt abit, 涩涩苦苦!
This is a Pork floss, Japanese mushroom tofu dish, taste is more on the sweet side; I quite like.
Interesting mix of 肉须, tofu, brown gravy and mushroom, the sweetness should comes from the Pork floss? I wonder, would really love to go back and try again!
Thai Style Chicken, sweet, sourish and spicy.
Mongolia Pepperish Pork-ribs, I think the more recommended style would be salted egg yolk but because we are ordering Salted Egg Crab so ...
The MAIN STAR is out, Crab Beehoon!
OMG this is the first time I am trying out Crab Milky Soup Beehoon; I know I damn Suaku but remember I am out of Singapore for almost 5 years OKAY~

MSGed Milkily Addictively GOOD!
After dinner, I am still THINKING when I will be coming back AGAIN; and I know its choked full of MSG! But then it's still GOOD!
Salted egg version doesn't lose out either!
Different kinda of saltish-ness, I shall come back for the CHILLI crab the next time round!
It comes up to about 80per pax including drink.
And my gfs ordered Coconut while I ordered a safe choice of Lime juice, but the lime juice is yucky; don't bother. Order the COCONUT!
Wall of Fame!
There is a WALL OF SHAME too right outside the toilet!
Pictures of customer not paying and leaving, hahahaha ...
You can recognise them?
Damn 丢脸, wearing all proper EXECUTIVE wear and not paying!?!

Really Expensive but then Satisfying ...
The MSG-withdrawal came soon right after and we are so THIRSTY afterwards hahahaha!
The PRICE we pay for 'GOOD' Food!
Melben Seafood is located at
232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 560232
Tel: +65 6285 6762

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Japanese Hotpot Shabu Sai @ Causeway Point

Randomly shopping at Causeway point and decide to make use of 'Happy Hour' to have our lunch and dinner all in one! And we walked past this Hotpot place, realising it's a buffet place.
Looks good on the presentation ...
We decide to give it a try ...
There are Beef, Pork and chicken slices.
And a variety of veggies, mushrooms and noodles ...
Ramen and udon is available.
Personally I love the beef and chicken slices.
The beef is really fresh and thin ...
There are 6 different type of soup base, but we chose the Sukiyaki and Tonkatsu Soup based. Don't expect anything 'REAL', both soup-based tasted 'MSG-ed' but feels so 'shiok'! Sukiyaki SWEET enough, Tonkatsu Saltish enough, hahahaha ...
Available sides 'condiments, and sauces' ...

14.99++ for adult, and $9.99++ for children.
Add 2$ (if I remember correctly) for free flow of soft drink, tea and coffee + Soft-serve.

If you can eat alot of BEEF, I personally think its quite worth it because the beef slices is really fresh and thin. And I am those type that typically only eat beef and ENOKI mushroom, so this buffet fit me to the tee, hahahahaha!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seafood @ JB Kimdo Restaurant & Dessert @ 许留仙 CitySquare

It's almost like the 3rd day of Celebration for Hubba ...
Craving for JB seafood but Hubba refused to go to the wet market to have the seafood because the hygiene is real bad. The last time we were there, they were cockroaches hiding underneath the hotplates; and also the constant CAT-liked rats running about. And how nonchalant the stall people are when we told them about the cockroaches, ewwwwwww! So I try to find a more appropriate and hygienic place for our Seafood dinner.

Which lead me to Kimdo ...
We catch a movie at CitySquare before proceeding to dinner ...
And shared a cab about RM10 to Taman Sentosa Kimdo.
The Cab driver knows the restaurant by its name, so it should be quite reputable and hopefully its for the good food.
Gf highly recommended the Bualonglong drink but I took a safe choice, 酸梅酸酐!
Ordered some BBQ for dessert ...
We were there rather early about 5pm, so the dish came quite fast and we are the first few in the restaurant.
The Mee tai mak is highly recommeded by the boss.
And finally some DECENT lala, OH SO GOOD!
Another highly recommended dish, Tokyo Chicken that taste like Peking duck or he says its so much better! But then 'blaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh', don't feels like you are eating chicken it's dry and not crunchy at all. Taste more like low quality dried jerky. Don't bother trying, order some chicken that has REAL MEAT.
MAIN 'Kah' is here, and we ordered the 'watery salted egg'!
If I can, I would like the whole sauce up ...
Assam chilli Stingray, VERY SPICY!
But really good, tender and fresh stingray pair with real SOUR-ish and SPICY assam chilli. It's burning spicy but I cannot stop, and ordered another can of COKE.
Our meal for 6 pax!

Participants of the day!
Walked over to Grand Hotel Sentosa, and bought some cheap Coffee.
The groceries and cheaper than CitySquare!
Back to CitySquare, the gang wants to get some Lavender Bread.
Last stop of the day, DESSERT!
The famous HK 许留仙, how to resist?
Especially you will definitely PASS BY this small cafe if you want to go back SG via JB custom!
Each of us ordered something different ...



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