Tuesday, May 28, 2013

YOU HUAK Sembawang White BeeHoon

Highly raved 爱玉 online but it's blah, don't bother ...
The Sambal Chilli Clam, too dry ...
Hmmmm Calamari?
Not my cup of tea, and not crispy enough ...
But I love the White Beehoon, so much better than TPY's dry version!
Tasted like how Hokkien Mee should be done but in Beehoon version, maybe I should try it soon to prove the theory? 
Mom's version of Ngoh Hiang tasted better, it's hard to find Ngoh Hiang that is better than Mom's!
This deep fried Mashed Tofu, is interesting and I actually like it.
Crusted from the outside but inside is salty and mushy ...
Mostly I find the food better than average, and if got people join us; I really don't mind having my dinner here! Price is reasonable too. Maybe I bring my mom here soon ...
The queue started coming in about 6.20pm but when we are here at 6pm, there isn't any queue!
Cleared off anything from the plate by THREE PAX!



  1. If you succeed in the white beeh hoon recipe, remember to share. ^^ I also love the white bee hoon alot!!!!

    For Ngoh Hiang, I also think my mom's one is the best!!!!

    1. Waiting for mom to go back to work so I can take over HER KITCHEN. Can't stand having another pax looking over my shoulder when I do things ...



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