Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pasar Bella @ Turf City Grandstand

Visited Turf City Grandstand wanting to eat some DIM SUM but restaurant was closed at 2.30pm, and we were there at about 2.45pm! So we just walked around ...

Heard lotsa of 'amazing' thing about Pasar Bella ...
Once walked in there were the Seafood Ice counter and Oyster Counter, we didn't try that because we are still trying to walk over to have dim sum.
Lotsa of different Coffee Cafe inside ...
And some quaint shops, also some organic groceries seller around.

Coffee machine churning up BEANS!
Saw a interesting concept Burger place, "OMAKASE BURGER".
Proclaimed as one of the BEST BURGER place in Singapore.
I wonder since it's Omakase, will I get a TOFU burger hahahaha!
I ended up having SUSHI, what else ...
Hahaha, 'roll eyes'!

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