Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paradise Dynasty 2 @ Causeway Point

I had never had good experience with XLB, not even in the famous 鼎太丰 or HK/Taiwan 鼎太丰; so I rarely crave or even wanted to eat them.

Looking at how colourful and cute they look and my pregger gf wants to have them so I give XLB another chance at proving themselves!
Ordered the set before pregger friend came, and OMG so good.
TOLD hubba BEST XLB I eaten in MY LIFE!
Hahahaha, my standard very low; I KNOW!
Love the cheese one MOST!

Another round of Originals XLB!
I think I can eat Gazillions of them ...

The mee and other dish was not exceptionally Wowing but I SERIOUSLY love the XLB!
Definitely will come back for the XLB ...

1 comment:

  1. I just had mine last week. keke...I also not a huge fan of XLB. ^^



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