Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a weekDAY to JB

We didn't go into JB last year when we came back to Singapore.

YQ decides to go in on a weekday afternoon, and mom passes me this HUGE piece of white card to fill in. I suspected that her card might be OVERDUE but still we fill it up and brought it along.

When we reached Johor custom, I walked straight to the tables where they placed the white card. Then a lady called out to me," Miss ah Miss, Now hor; NO NEED white card already!"

Hahaha we asked the Custom officer, they implemented the system 2 years ago!

Usual Wanton mee stall no open, so we go to the kopitiam next door.
YQ Duck mian!
My blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah wanton mee.
But M'sia coffee is ALWAYS better than SG!
Walk walk in CitySquare, and realised alot of changes have been made.

And bought a Jeans short, for about SGD40+
It has been a long time since I spent so much money on 1 PIECE of clothing.
But I love it too much!
Rush back to SG before peak hour and goes off to CWP for dinner.
YQ Indian Muslim Chup Chye Peng ...
Surprisingly good, even I love it too.

Me sushi of course, hahahaha!
A simple set like that will always satisfy me than anything else in the world.

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