Friday, May 3, 2013

A day @ Toa Payoh and TPY white beehoon

We are brought to Creamier which is highly raved online ...
But I find it so-so, BUT they say this ice cream at this price is consider CHEAP in SG.
Or maybe I should have chosen a more exotic flavour like Salted Caramel instead of the BORING CHOCOLATE!
BB R so clever, wants MATCHA!
128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Back to her with these delish Meat BUN she bought from TPY market.
OK these are MY KINDA of FOOD mah ...
We waited for the some of the peeps to arrive at her cosy home ...
And the kids are already HAVING LOTSA of fun!
Playacting and being TEACHER ...
Finally when all came, off to the famous TPY White Bee Hoon as told by them.
But of course we ordered with Tze Char ...

Hong Yun Seafood
Block 124 Toa Payoh #01-459
Lorong 1
It is GOOD but not really Fantastic ...
Like how the GOOD OLD DAYS Tze Char should be.
Well I don't know maybe the standard for 'NORMAL' Tze Char has drop so much that people RAVED on what the NORMAL TZE CHAR should taste like.

Well maybe it's just me.
But I love eating in groups, we can eat SO MUCH MORE.
We went back to her home FOR MORE DESSERT.
Ok I cannot take anymore, and didn't really taste any of the cake.
But they look SO GOOD!
Another successful 聚会!
The SINGLES of course off to another round of COFFEE @ AMK Macdonald before we go home!
Privileges of not having CHILDREN or BEING SINGLE.

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