Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet "BIG BOSS" the Mafia Amigurumi Pug!

 "Big Boss" is a Italian mafia amigurumi Pug, and he is reputated to be fearless!
Every Mafia Boss, either has a gun or cigar; "Big Boss" has a chew BONE ...

Years ago, a friend has a dear old pug who passed away. 
And I called him at the wrong time (on the day, the pug passes) and for some reason I got a scolding from the mom! I can't remember why she 'reprimanded' me but I remember accompanying my friend to his Pug last resting place.

In memory of his beloved Pug...

I referred to a few design online and also keep referring to the pictures of the REAL pug. Pug usually have this 'n-shaped' snout.

I managed to recreate the 'n' but I am just not very satisfied with how it look.
Luckily Hubba suggested adding a tongue. 
Pugs being short-nosed dogs, always has their tongue hanging out; panting.
Hmmmm, can my pug passes for a pug?

After doing the usual 4 paws, and a body; I realised Pug has "CURLY tails"!
(About 6-8 Chain, 4 Single Crochet in each chain to get desired effect.)
And I added a simple Fedora hat and a Chew BONE to finish the look!

And this, is my 'Fierce' Mafia Amigurumi Pug!
And everyone calls him, "BIG BOSS!".

BEWARE, my blog is protected by a fierce Amigurumi PUG!

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