Monday, April 29, 2013

Complimentary stay by Bestie at Marina Bay Sands Pt 2

Was supposed to wait for my in-law to come in the morning but they were very late and I was so worried that the SUN will get too hot. 

So early in the morning, we are off SWIMMING on top of the WORLD!
It is a cloudy day, I AM SO IN LUCK!
But still they are UV rays everywhere!

We are in the water maybe for about 20minutes?
Hahaha just for PHOTOGRAPH!
And I told Hubba, "ENOUGH SUN for this MONTH, OLEDI!"
Back to the room to enjoy the IMPRESSIVE view!

In Laws came rather late, but well they didn't want to swim; so luckily we didn't wait for them!
Brought them up to enjoy the magnificient view!

By the time they arrived it is FREAKY HOT!!!
 Bad, bad ... BAD!

I wish I can just relax and enjoy, but NOT IN THE SUN!
Hahahahaha ~
The price I paid for Vainity!
I TOTALLY enjoyed myself...

Thanks so much AH BANG!

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