Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brazil Brasileriro @ Richardson

Another Groupon Voucher that I bought and it will be expiring on Apr 17, so we 'die die' have to go by this weekend! Hubba called in and Sunday is full day dinner so we made an appointment for 3pm!
At 3 pm, the restaurant is rather empty, and there are only another 2 other tables at the restaurant.
Headed straight to the Buffet counter, and I was rather disappointed because the variety is VERY LIMITED! But then at least there is GARLIC bread, hahaha!
Salad bar.
And the rice, spaghetti, banana, empanadas and some curry sauce counter.
Some stuffs I took from the buffet.
And this is what Hub took ...
And almost immediately the meat comes ...
Only the first round CAME in PERFECTION; medium rare.
After that it's OVER COOK!
And blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ...

I love the sausage and Spicy Picanha!

I am craving for BBQ sauce but there isn't any sauce provided for the meat.
OK I am just not a MEAT person, in the end all the meat tasted the same to me.
The chicken, and the pork is HARD and DRY!
And only the first round of Beefs are edible, but they tasted almost the same.
Even the highly rated Pineapple was blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah to me!
Too sweet, and I suspect the Grilled Pineapple is soaked in Sugar water before grilling, so its just SWEET! Hate that!

In the end, I love the sausage, and the Garlic bread.
Hahahaha what a waste of GOOD $$$ for me.
Maybe I should try out a more 'Pricey' (Atas) Brazillian grill to know the difference!
And they don't serve LAMB!

We paid USD30 for 2 pax and they are having a special for dinner USD20 per pax. Well, I guess it will be the last time I am coming here.

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