Friday, April 19, 2013

Ang Mo Chup Chye Peng aka "Panda Express"!

In my time here in USA, it's like my 2nd or 3rd time having Panda Express! Hahaha, I always tell hubba, this is NOT CHINESE food! This is American Chinese!!! We don't have Orange Chicken or General Tso or Mongolia Beef; in China, or Taiwan or Malaysia or Singapore! But they do taste GOOD in a very sweet way; almost addictive! But still it is not CHINESE hahahaha. 

Well, if there is a coupon for FREE serving, why not?
Panda Express promoting their new dish,"Surf and Turf"!
But then when I goes in to redeem my free serving, they says, "It's finished!"
What the XXXX!

Since we are at Panda Express, Hubba decide to 'tabao'!
And he even managed to convince the staff to replace another type of  'PREMIUM' serving for him since we come all the way down to redeem the voucher! 
So hubba gotten 2 entree (Orange chicken and Beijing beef) and 1 side (Chow mein); plus a free serving of Pepper Prawn. That's alot, almost 2pax servings, and cost us about USD7+!

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