Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best Laksa in the WORLD!

Fresh coconut shred is a MUST for the world best laksa right?
While mom is busy hiding her WORLD BEST LAKSA, I had a piece of cake with Soya milk!
And 'tadah'!
With her 'SECRET' recipe Chilli paste TOO!
Even I am down with a severe Sore throat, I don't really CARE!
I just want to eat LAKSA!
Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and SUPPER for Laksa!
Mom's laksa is the BEST!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Complimentary stay by Bestie at Marina Bay Sands Pt 2

Was supposed to wait for my in-law to come in the morning but they were very late and I was so worried that the SUN will get too hot. 

So early in the morning, we are off SWIMMING on top of the WORLD!
It is a cloudy day, I AM SO IN LUCK!
But still they are UV rays everywhere!

We are in the water maybe for about 20minutes?
Hahaha just for PHOTOGRAPH!
And I told Hubba, "ENOUGH SUN for this MONTH, OLEDI!"
Back to the room to enjoy the IMPRESSIVE view!

In Laws came rather late, but well they didn't want to swim; so luckily we didn't wait for them!
Brought them up to enjoy the magnificient view!

By the time they arrived it is FREAKY HOT!!!
 Bad, bad ... BAD!

I wish I can just relax and enjoy, but NOT IN THE SUN!
Hahahahaha ~
The price I paid for Vainity!
I TOTALLY enjoyed myself...

Thanks so much AH BANG!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Complimentary stay by Bestie at Marina Bay Sands Pt 1

Every year annual checkup DONE and off to MBS!

Bestie and friend has a minor accident so she was late and we had LUNCH!


VERY IMPRESS and we had the Gardens by the BAY view!

Bestie sponsor room, we sponsor Champagne ...
And off to DINNER, Ramen at Millenium Walk.

Cannot remember why NO group photos here!
Arrrghhhh ...
Go back to Hotel, and enjoy 'TOP of the WORLD's night view'!

Silly stuffs besties do!
自己打灯 ...

A very LONG day for me ...
Stay tune for Part 2!


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