Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Salsie" the fierce, spicy, red and hot 小辣椒 Amigurumi Rabbit!

Gf strictly gave 'order', NO PINK!
And I used yellow for Bearie, blue is too mild and dull for my spicy gf ...

So the theme is RED, hot chilli pepper, to match her fierce red car.
Let's start ...

In a few hours time, I can finish the head and the body.
I used the same lueandsue pattern but again I gotten a totally different count, hahaha!
Ear and cut out 2 felt!
Eyelashes to make the rabbit more girly ...
I seriously hate cutting felt, but they make the final product look more finished.

I have gotten used to sewing the felt to the amigurumi piece!
I used to fumble through but now I know exactly what to do.
Dress UP!
I need to have a new dress design!
Have to do an extra limb because I gotten too tired, and the first limb is too BIG!
I have mismatched limb, so I have to do the 3rd one ...
All pinned!
Look good?
And accessories for the day, a Dahlias from
She has got a pom pom tail too!

Close up!
Salsie is going for an adventure ride soon ...
Hope my gf likes her!



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