Friday, March 29, 2013

Bunnie my Easter Amigurumi Rabbit ...

I think I have Amigurumi addiction!
Josephine Wu from A morning cup of Jo shared a free pattern from her Spring Squishies' collection, and I tried out the rabbit's pattern but I couldn't resist not giving Bunnie a body because she is tooooooo CUTE!
I finished the head easily, and her pattern is huge!
The largest circumference is x42 stitches but luckily I used 2.25mm crochet, so the rabbit head is at a control size! I used my new 6mm eyes and 6mm Pink heart nose.
I even gave Bunnie a Ribbon!
And added blush on her cheeks, some eyeliner, and lashes too!

Finished the body and dress in one night too!
I am really getting FAST!
I only start to write down when I wrote this post, so follow at own risk and own understanding, hahaha!
Freehand for the body, didn't follow any pattern.
Feet - Magic Ring 6, 12 x5 rows
Body - Joint feet 24 x1, 24 (back Loop), 24 x2, (sc 2 dec 2)18 x2, (sc 1 dec 2)12 x3, (dec 2)6 x1
Skirt - Sc x3 at backloop, 3-5 half double crochet all around in each backloop.
Hand - Magic Ring 6, (sc1 inc2) 9 x2, (sc 1 dec 2) 6 x5
Right after I stitched everything together, I crochet a yellow small basket for Bunnie to collect her Easter Eggs!
Bunnie actually has a finger but I don't know how to write that pattern, so I can only give a 'fist' pattern!
She is one of my Sweetest, Pinki-est amigurumi!
I gotten Hubba to name her and he says "Bunnie"!
So UNORIGINAL right ...
But I since I asked him, I have to respect his decision.
So she is Bunnie my Easter Amigurumi Rabbit!
And she is OUT collecting Easter Eggs!
Happy Easter Day, everyone!

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  1. Happy Easter!! Such a adorably cute bunny!!! I wish there was more pattern so I could possibly make her. Your ami's are really beautiful!!! Keep it up. :) Great job! And have a nice weekend. :)



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