Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bearie the Sunshine Amigurumi teddy bear is out to play!

Sunshine is my 2nd bear.
Remember the Furry bearie?
Sunshine, looking good on photo?

I think its about time I can send away my amigurumi to my friends for adoption, because I am more confident that the stitches won't be falling out! And I believe they will be more tolerant to the shortcomings of the end-product.

And mschan choses a BEAR!
I didn't think my bear design was cute enough but I guess she has more trust in me, than I have in myself ...
I uses a new yarns that are kept in my stockpile!
And crochet on like crazy, which I finishes the head, body, ear and a dress; in one morning ...
Still looking good at this point?
Took a break to prepare dinner, and later on prep the snout and embroidered a nose!
Leg done, and left with the most dreaded stitching UP!
Trying out the different position of the bearie's ear!
Looks like a monkey ear right!?
After stitching up, I prep a pompom for bearie's tail so that she gets more support when seated!
The playful sunshine bearie is ready to go out and play in her pretty yellow sundress!
I always feel that there is something wrong with the bear I crochet!
It is the ear?
Is the ear too big?
Maybe I should do a smaller ear?
Sunshine will be leaving me soon and be loved by Mschan!
Hope mschan like my beloved bearie!


  1. She's so adorable! I love her ears and the dress! :) Great job! Did you do it without a pattern?

    1. @Panda8ngel

      The pattern used is all over the place, almost like the rabbit I just did, hahaa! But the dress is without a pattern. In row (even number), its SC the width of the neck, then HDC for 2 row (lenght of the body), and then do the scallops at the edge. And then just stitched up the behind at the sc and hdc ... Haha sorry I don't really know how to write patterns!




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