Monday, March 25, 2013

AMIGURUMI : Little Twin Stars, Kiki & Lala !

Ser insists, she only collects Little Twin Star and ONLY LTS! 

I really have no confident and there isn't any good design that I could buy or copy or use, so I have to totally come out with my own design!
I started out with the most difficult part of this journey Lala's head which I want her hair to look bouncy and flowy, and not like a piece of heavy blanket! If I can finish Lala's head, then Kiki shouldn't be a problem!

误打误撞, I managed to crochet out something that I planned and it looks exactly that I imagine it to be!
Even her skirt has this 'Star' edges' effect, but the stitch I used for the head is the same for the skirt!

Kiki NEXT, 
Kiki is so much easier but for some reason because I didn't note down the pattern I used for Lala, Kiki's head looks smaller! Hahaha, is it because of the Yarn's tension? I was so nervous doing Lala's and I have to keep thinking, planning the next step for Lala, but for Kiki it is so much easier. So Kiki's stitches are so much nicer and 'tight'!
The most difficult part, done!
Off with their, BODIES ...
When I show the unstitched version to Ser, she requested Kiki's star to be strapped onto his pink ribbon belt, and convert Lala's star into a wand. I asked her to give me suggestion for the wand, and she gave me a good suggestion; Cotton Bud. SO much request, hahaha but I very accomodating hor. Since its for her, I guess it should be as perfect for her as possible.
So I have this as my, almost, end-product.
But I only has size 12mm plastic safety eyes which are too big for their tiny face.
And I go ahead and ordered more eyes and noses online for more future project.
Bermudas for Kiki because it will look so weird to me, if he has the same style as Lala? 
Well they still look like Little Twin Star with the different dressing style right?
They were left in the basket for sometime before they are given some nice photoshoot!
This is the ONE AND ONLY Limited Edition Little Twin Star Kiki and Lala, in the WORLD!
One reason because I didn't note down the pattern, so even if I do a 2nd one, it will be different, hahaha!
They have so much secrets together ...

The crochet craftwork is actually very shoddy because I am very nervous about the whole project. And there is alot of times when I just want to give up because I don't know whether Lala's hair will work out like I wanted it to be.
Thanks god, everything work out well!
They are really the cutest couple around town right!
Do you like my version of Amigurumi Little Twin Star, Kiki and Lala?


  1. Great job!! They are so cute! will you post the pattern you used?

    1. Hi Panda8ngel,
      Thanks for the compliment.
      I wish I can write pattern but I can't and I just DIY my way through. I cannot even do exactly the same one out if I wanted to. I thought this project will just fail and I will give up halfway :(

      So sorry.



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