Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pucker up *Muackmuack* Duckie amigurumi by Haragurumi

I first comes to know of Haragurumi was because I was looking for a lamb/sheep amigurumi to do. And Haragurumi has this very cute sleeping sheep free pattern which become my Amigurumi Valentine's Day Sleepie Lamb. I then, joined her facebook and realised that she will be holding a Amigurumi Pattern Testing Event.

And this is the version I came up with.
This is one of my finest work so far with uniform stitching and a VERY no-mistake ami!
Now that I have done a number of amigurumi, I finished the duckie at a record speed within 2 day!
But one of the 'problem' I ran into; Duckie beak seems too big for the head as compared to Harugurumi original Laurie the duckie.

I wondered is it because of my stitching or is it because of my thread?
Eventually Harugurumi did changed her beak's pattern.
But still I love the beak because it give the duck a real 'DUCK FACE' which the duck is famous for its puckered 'KISS ME beak! 
I don't know how Harugurumi gives the duck its hair on top of the head, I just ANYOHOW do hahaha!
See Duckie; COME KISS ME, Kiss moiiiiiiiiiiiiiii face!
I loves it so much, Duckie has a 360 photoshoot!

So proud of myself and I love this pattern!
Thanks for the pattern, Miss Harugurumi ...

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  1. Hi Shanice! It's Amanda from Facebook. :)

    Your little duckie is so adorable!!! You did a great job!

    I hope you will check out my blog :)

    It's been great talking to you. hehe



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