Monday, February 25, 2013

Hippie the Amigurumi Rabbit

I tried out a free head & body pattern from Lueandsue, hmmm what can I say? Beginners, please don't try, her free pattern. It won't make any sense to a Beginners because it doesn't makes sense; hahaha! It's her own notes for her own understanding. You have to know the basic of counting amigurumis' stitches to understand her instruction. I made quite a few mistakes because I don't understand some of her instructions. 

Like for example :
10. Sc around 1-8 (if wanting bird body see below)
11. Decrease every 6

I didn't understand and only SC one round, because her next numbering is 11. And luckily she replied some comments, I realised she meant SC 8 times around. I can salvaged the mistakes in times. But there are still a few instructions that I just tried it out without waitng for an answer from her.

And her instruction, No.4 and No.17 doesn't means the same thing!

Most of her Amigurmis has her very own unique style and I really loves most of the design she does. But sadly for some reason, althou using her pattern but I ended up with a very oblong headed amigurumi. 
Maybe she will gives out a better and a easier to understand pattern soon? But well, it's FREE, can't complain right!? But I loved that the head and body is attached, SO reduced the stitching steps which I hate hate hate!

Day 1 and I managed to finished most of what I wanted ...
The forehead is so long, I feels that I have to do something so here comes the Flower hairband.
Hoping that small accessories helps to hide the HUGE forhead!
Day 2 ...

For Hippie's flower, hand and ear, I used Allaboutami's Spring Bunny's pattern and used Harugurumi's Laurie's pattern for its leg. 
And freehand the dress.
I don't know anything about writing pattern, I don't even know stitches name well, hahaha! Each time if I try any design, I keep having to check back what's a treble or a double or a half treble or WHATEVER! There are too many NAMES!
And the most hated part came, which is the last step of STITCHING everything together!
But the 'Satisfaction' you get after that is PRICELESS!

At the very last minute, I decide to add a pompom because the head is so big, Hippie cannot balance well! And she looks even cuter with such a big Ass hehind, hahahah!
I am really getting better at this, but I still need improvement especially all the stitchings!
I hate stitching the felt to the amis but it gives a more 'finished' look!
Hippie is named because Hub says the flowerband makes her feels like a 80s hippie gurl!


  1. Very very cute! I love how you show the assembly steps! Thanks for linking up at Hookin On Hump Day!

  2. Hello, can I know where you get the plastic eyes for this? Been looking everywhere. Thanks

    1. Hi, When I was in the US, i used to buy from Ebay. Recently I bought them from Taobao using Peeka. In Singapore, I hasn't tried looking for them in the stores.

    2. Hi, thanks for your reply. Is it expensive to order from taobao? How much is it with postage? Can you advise which shop yoy order from? Thanks!

    3. I got it from this , I cannot advised you on the shipping and handling by Peeka because I purchase other items too but now that you can get direct from Taobao maybe it will be so much easier.



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