Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to Amigurumi Monkey & Amigurumi Pig-gees!

These are dedicated to my bro and hopefully "future" Sister-in-law!
I don't mean to insult her as Ms Piggy alright, she is as skinny as a STICK-gal ...

I am doing their Chinese Horoscope, and luckily she is not a RAT or a Dragon!
I wanted to humanized the ami and thus adapted the design from Jenny and Teddy. I added a stitches or 2 here and there and came up with these 2!
These is a free-styling Amigurumi Monkey head!

Tried to do a foldover for his shorts and sewn in shoes laces!
And monkey has LONG boring arms, and I added one thumb for his FIST!
Hope that small add-on make him more 'real'!
HEY Monkie can do the 'GREAT' sign!
Next is Amigurumi Miss Pig-gees!
Right after the head, I need some distraction and saw a post on FLOWERS, and crochet one right on the spot. Maybe I can add it on her head?
And a cute slender LONG pair of legs with Mary-Janes!
Cute OR NOT!
And the long-awaited, that I wanted to try for so long, a ballerina skirt that I see everywhere but was not taught anywhere! Well, I tried and it work, and I am freaking HAPPY! The skirt is sooooooooooo ruffled cute!
See they are matchy matchy, right?
I even make Monkey a tad taller!
Accidentally snip myself :( while cutting off the thread after stitching the eyelashes!
Added a belt to make them look even more colour-matchy!
Such a pretty, graceful Miss Pig-gees right?
I decide to add the flower on the Mary-janes.
When I told my brother, it took me about 6-7days, he was like; "REALLY?"
These 2 are about 9inches tall, and no pattern to follow OK!
Anyway, I love these two lovey doveys Amigurumi lovers ...

Happy Valentine's Day to all ...


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