Friday, February 8, 2013

Lunar New Year Goldie the Amigurumi Snake!



It's the Snake year AGAIN!?
Gosh I am getting OLD!
Because its the Lunar Year of the Snake, and I am born in the year of the Snake so, I tried very hard to find a Free Snake Pattern ...

This is the first Amigurumi I created from a source that gives a wrong write-up of the pattern. It is so wrong, I don't think I should link it here to mislead others. Luckily I had some experience and could read and understand the pattern, but still. I spent alot of times adjusting the write-up.

Well it's free, so I shouldn't complain right?

Let me introduced you to Goldie the Amigurumi snake who represent the 2013 Lunar Snake year!
I tried to surf online for some free patterns but most the patterns are not the typical BIG HEAD Anime type that I like. It's either too simple, and plain or too overly cartoonish.
And some designs that I like charges a premium for a VERY SIMPLE design.

The Top Snake on the left charges USD20 for the small snake, and the one the right charges USD5 for the pattern. These are all just my personal opinion laaaaaaaaa ...

Ok I am a cheapskate!
Both the bottom Snakes pattern are not available ...

I was hoping to do a open mouth snake too ...
And the below design is selling for MYR35.00!
SO, I tried my hand on free-styling my own design with adaption from the website that provides a pattern write-up with lotsa of mistakes!
And I have to keep measuring the length of the tail.
It is so boring to crochet the tail ...
This snake is TOO BOY-ish ..

So ...
I added a free styling bow.
I wanted a Feminine Cute snake, and so I added cutesy eyelashes for it ...
I should have find something to add 2 fangs for the snake, to make it cuter!
Goldie is so adorable, smiley and energetic right?
And photogenic too!
...發大财 ...


  1. She's so sweet! I have found 2 new free snake ami patterns that are really cute.

  2. Soooo beautiful! Could I please have the pattern?



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