Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 初七人日捞鱼生快乐! (Yusheng)

I think long long ago, people are 'supposed' to 捞鱼生 on 初七人日 but nowadays people just do it from 2 weeks before to maybe end of the whole Lunar CNY month? Hahahah! I remember going to Sakae Sushi and buy home a set for 2 and just eat it as sushi salad by MYSELF! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 鱼生, and always couldn't wait till Lunar New Year to just feast on 捞鱼生.
And this year I gotten myself a mandoline!
It was freaking easy ...
And in no time, I grated the Carrot, Radish and cucumber.
Chopped up the iceberg lettuce, and also prep the Pomelo.
But one bummer this year, I cannot find the cracker which I always paid more to get another 2-3 packets extra!

SO I DIY this year using Wanton Skin.
And 'Tadah'!
The veggies preparation ...
And the fishy sides, I added an extra this year, FISH ROES!
Let see what I add in ...
Condiment : Lee Kum Kee Plum Sauce, White Pepper, 花胡椒粉, Five Spice powder and Sesame Oil.
Extras : Sesame seed and Peanut Powder.
I really love, love, love the fried wanton skin!
And because it is DIY, I fried sooooooooooooo much ...
And one freaking packet of Wanton skin is maybe like 2buckarooos!
And we have 'unlimited' supplies of Salmon sashimi!
DIY for just 2, so shiok!
We can have all the raw fishy to OURSELVES, no need to fight for the Sashimi sliced fish ...
Maybe I should add some apples and sour mangoes next year?
Hubs ate so much because the madoline shredded the veggies so finely.

Hubs says, 好!
The way I see it, we do not have to wait till Lunar New Year Month 初七 to have 捞鱼生 ever again!

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