Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sam's Southern Eatery

I gotten a $10.00 for $20.00 coupon from AP Daily Deals for Sam's Southern Eatery at Richarson, but when we reached, the staffs told us their system got problems and we cannot use the coupon! BUT but but, we drove like 30 minutes down!? So the staffs gave us a 1 for 1 50% discount.
And we 'reluctantly' took up the offer!
The restaurant was empty when we arrived at about 2pm.
Hub ordered 2 sets :
1) 6 fried fish fillet, 6 fried oyster and 6 fried prawns
2) 6 grilled fish and 6 grilled prawns
With 2 coleslaws, french fries, and Mac&Cheese.
I loved the Fried Prawns, and Grilled Fish!
The prawns are really JUMBO, and the grilled fish is really soft and tender.
And we were given extras of fillets and prawns, in the end we have to take home ALOT!
Although we are quite pissed that we couldn't use the AP Daily Deals Coupon but we are very satisfied with the Quality of the food!

And we have another $10.00 for $20.00 coupon to use and we definitely do that soon!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hippie the Amigurumi Rabbit

I tried out a free head & body pattern from Lueandsue, hmmm what can I say? Beginners, please don't try, her free pattern. It won't make any sense to a Beginners because it doesn't makes sense; hahaha! It's her own notes for her own understanding. You have to know the basic of counting amigurumis' stitches to understand her instruction. I made quite a few mistakes because I don't understand some of her instructions. 

Like for example :
10. Sc around 1-8 (if wanting bird body see below)
11. Decrease every 6

I didn't understand and only SC one round, because her next numbering is 11. And luckily she replied some comments, I realised she meant SC 8 times around. I can salvaged the mistakes in times. But there are still a few instructions that I just tried it out without waitng for an answer from her.

And her instruction, No.4 and No.17 doesn't means the same thing!

Most of her Amigurmis has her very own unique style and I really loves most of the design she does. But sadly for some reason, althou using her pattern but I ended up with a very oblong headed amigurumi. 
Maybe she will gives out a better and a easier to understand pattern soon? But well, it's FREE, can't complain right!? But I loved that the head and body is attached, SO reduced the stitching steps which I hate hate hate!

Day 1 and I managed to finished most of what I wanted ...
The forehead is so long, I feels that I have to do something so here comes the Flower hairband.
Hoping that small accessories helps to hide the HUGE forhead!
Day 2 ...

For Hippie's flower, hand and ear, I used Allaboutami's Spring Bunny's pattern and used Harugurumi's Laurie's pattern for its leg. 
And freehand the dress.
I don't know anything about writing pattern, I don't even know stitches name well, hahaha! Each time if I try any design, I keep having to check back what's a treble or a double or a half treble or WHATEVER! There are too many NAMES!
And the most hated part came, which is the last step of STITCHING everything together!
But the 'Satisfaction' you get after that is PRICELESS!

At the very last minute, I decide to add a pompom because the head is so big, Hippie cannot balance well! And she looks even cuter with such a big Ass hehind, hahahah!
I am really getting better at this, but I still need improvement especially all the stitchings!
I hate stitching the felt to the amis but it gives a more 'finished' look!
Hippie is named because Hub says the flowerband makes her feels like a 80s hippie gurl!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

十五元宵节 Cakepop Takoyaki!

When GF came last winter, she put the idea of using Cake Pop Maker for Takoyaki! 

But she puts the idea too late and most of the Cake Pop Maker that were on clearance after the X'mas season were sold out online and instore. And because these are Christmas Clearance, it was only selling for USD10$.

And I was given another chance when Groupon is selling them for USD15$. 
I do my research this time round and find out that the newer models or other brands are selling them for USD20$ or more. And the 'REAL' Electrical Takoyaki ranged from USD60$ - USD250$! That is CRAZY, not like I am eating Takoyaki everyday! 

The rice-cooker that I used everyday doesn't cost me that much!

I made my order from Groupon.com and they come quick!
And we go out rounding up the ingredient, and lucky us Asiaworld sells Takoyaki Flour, so eliminates alot of 'OTHER' ingredient like Hondashi MSG.

Octopus was expensive and we didn't know if the Cakepop maker would work so we didn't take the risk and used prawns and imitation crabmeat instead.

Chopped cut everything to appropriate size ...

I prep tenkasu (tempura batter), and had a hard time convincing hubs that alot of recipes out there calls for them even the Popular Cooking with the dog's youtube lady! He says SG version don't have but I almost have to SHOUT in his face that TAKOYAKI is a JAPANESE STREET FOOD and if the Japs says there is, there SHOULD BE! 

So I spend some time, flour, water and a egg to prep tenkasu!

And since I am deep frying I just throw all my ingredient into the batter and into the oil to deep fry them, hahaha! 

顺便啦 ...

The Takoyaki Flour is very convenient, 100gram of flour to 340ML of water and 1 egg; mix well!

Hub wasn't sure if he can succeed on first trial, so he do a six piece first.

And it went surprising well the first time!
All thanks to all the youtube videos online ...

Look PRO right, hahahaha ...
It takes about 3-5minutes to get everything done and on a PLATE ...

And he mustered up the courage and did a 12 piece Takoyaki!

He is very quick on his finger and flip all successfully and flip all the overflows back too!

See the flip half, flip 3/4 and flip all.
Wait to cook!

I preferred a tad charred outside!
Add Japanese Mayo, Okonomi sauce, fish flakes and seaweed.

"Uncle, 12 Takoyaki and More MAYO please!"
Really SHIOK ar!
Takoyaki at home ...

The holes of the cake pops are rather small and in total we had 30 pieces of Takoyaki! 
Hub says it is mini Takoyaki ...
Ingredients are not cheap, so we have to make sure that we finish the whole packet of Takoyaki flour hopefully to at least break-even. If not we might have to go find 'Pasar Malam' here to 'cheat' ang mo hahaha!

"Lelong lelong, 6 Takoyaki; USD3.00$!"

No 汤圆 for 元宵, we make do with Takoyaki; same same 圆圆!
十五元宵节 快乐!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 初七人日捞鱼生快乐! (Yusheng)

I think long long ago, people are 'supposed' to 捞鱼生 on 初七人日 but nowadays people just do it from 2 weeks before to maybe end of the whole Lunar CNY month? Hahahah! I remember going to Sakae Sushi and buy home a set for 2 and just eat it as sushi salad by MYSELF! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE 鱼生, and always couldn't wait till Lunar New Year to just feast on 捞鱼生.
And this year I gotten myself a mandoline!
It was freaking easy ...
And in no time, I grated the Carrot, Radish and cucumber.
Chopped up the iceberg lettuce, and also prep the Pomelo.
But one bummer this year, I cannot find the cracker which I always paid more to get another 2-3 packets extra!

SO I DIY this year using Wanton Skin.
And 'Tadah'!
The veggies preparation ...
And the fishy sides, I added an extra this year, FISH ROES!
Let see what I add in ...
Condiment : Lee Kum Kee Plum Sauce, White Pepper, 花胡椒粉, Five Spice powder and Sesame Oil.
Extras : Sesame seed and Peanut Powder.
I really love, love, love the fried wanton skin!
And because it is DIY, I fried sooooooooooooo much ...
And one freaking packet of Wanton skin is maybe like 2buckarooos!
And we have 'unlimited' supplies of Salmon sashimi!
DIY for just 2, so shiok!
We can have all the raw fishy to OURSELVES, no need to fight for the Sashimi sliced fish ...
Maybe I should add some apples and sour mangoes next year?
Hubs ate so much because the madoline shredded the veggies so finely.

Hubs says, 好!
The way I see it, we do not have to wait till Lunar New Year Month 初七 to have 捞鱼生 ever again!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to Amigurumi Monkey & Amigurumi Pig-gees!

These are dedicated to my bro and hopefully "future" Sister-in-law!
I don't mean to insult her as Ms Piggy alright, she is as skinny as a STICK-gal ...

I am doing their Chinese Horoscope, and luckily she is not a RAT or a Dragon!
I wanted to humanized the ami and thus adapted the design from Jenny and Teddy. I added a stitches or 2 here and there and came up with these 2!
These is a free-styling Amigurumi Monkey head!

Tried to do a foldover for his shorts and sewn in shoes laces!
And monkey has LONG boring arms, and I added one thumb for his FIST!
Hope that small add-on make him more 'real'!
HEY Monkie can do the 'GREAT' sign!
Next is Amigurumi Miss Pig-gees!
Right after the head, I need some distraction and saw a post on FLOWERS, and crochet one right on the spot. Maybe I can add it on her head?
And a cute slender LONG pair of legs with Mary-Janes!
Cute OR NOT!
And the long-awaited, that I wanted to try for so long, a ballerina skirt that I see everywhere but was not taught anywhere! Well, I tried and it work, and I am freaking HAPPY! The skirt is sooooooooooo ruffled cute!
See they are matchy matchy, right?
I even make Monkey a tad taller!
Accidentally snip myself :( while cutting off the thread after stitching the eyelashes!
Added a belt to make them look even more colour-matchy!
Such a pretty, graceful Miss Pig-gees right?
I decide to add the flower on the Mary-janes.
When I told my brother, it took me about 6-7days, he was like; "REALLY?"
These 2 are about 9inches tall, and no pattern to follow OK!
Anyway, I love these two lovey doveys Amigurumi lovers ...

Happy Valentine's Day to all ...



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