Saturday, January 19, 2013

Touristy; 6th Floor Museum and a Cajun dinner!

It was a good day to be out, GF is going back to Wisconsin tomorrow and we got to do this touristy thing of coming down to the famous 6th Floor Museum to take some photographs! 

It's the 3rd time we are here, "Oh Well ..."!
Loves the GREAT weather ...
20C in winter, what can you ask for?
A very typical COWBOY memorabilia store!
Whenever I see a mirror I HV TO CAMWHORE!
After which we brought her to have Cajun food at Razzoo's, which I love!
Am glad GF enjoys the food!
And off to North Park to shop shop abit, and while waiting at Old Navy for GF to do her last bit of shopping; camwhoring! What else right? My gfriends call this the 'DUCK' FACE! Hahaha I LOVE my DUCK face ok, so cute!
The 5$ ankled-sneaker!
Hubba laughed at me saying I SO OLD then start to wear sneakers, hahaha!
This is a PLATFORM sneaker hor, and it's 5BUCKS!
Although cheap it's freaking comfortable, and the shoes doesn't bite me ok, but it's a tad HEAVY!
Home sweet home with my 宝贝 who is still very tired from his run last night ...

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