Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CNY 2013 Pineapple Tarts!

Looks yummy right?
I used the same recipe from Kitchentigress's Step-by-step Pineapple Tart, the 1st batch of tarts I made from her recipe; the crust is crumbly; buttery and melts in the mouth! I totally LOVE it! GF who just left was a Pineapple Tart convert after having some of my Homemade Pineapple Tarts! She used to 'don't like' them as the way she puts it. Kekeke ~
Measure out all the ingredient ...
Cooking the butter, sugar, oil and water ...
High heat ...
The idea is to cook away the water, and till the butter brown abit and stops foaming?
The first time I burnt the base badly, but the crust ended GREAT!
This time round, I was very careful but still I burnt abit on the bottom.
Pour the bubbling butter and oil, into the flour.
And mix them together, I added milk because the dough was too crumbly.
Heat up the oven 375C ...
Set everything well with a cup of coffee, and starts wrapping the fillings one by one while watching TV! 
It will take sometime ...

1 tbsp Dough : 1 tsp fillings
(Will be trying out 1/2 tbsp Dough : 1 tsp filling.)
Set them side by side, and brush with egg yolk!

23minutes later ...
The crust last batch seems to taste better, saltier and less sticky to the mouth. I wonder is it because I used a different brand of butter or because I didn't cook the butter mixture enough? I remember burning the butter from the last batch, and was more careful this time round. Well, I can only tried to 'burnt' it more the next round! Hahahaha ~

I still have leftover pineapple fillings, and so I have more tarts to come!

Ingredient : 360gram Salted butter, 60ml Vegetable Oil, 75ml Water, 60gram Sugar and 600gram Flour.

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