Monday, January 21, 2013

CNY 2013 Pineapple Tarts - Fillings!

I skipped Pineapple Tarts last year, and this year I went full force armed with Kitchentigress's Step-by-step Pineapple Tart.

This is actually my 2nd batch, and the first batch is already finished!
Sliced the pineapple and separate the Core because they need to be grind longer ...
I blended the pineapples, and this time round I added all the pineapple juice to cook with the pulp! I used to drain away the juice, so that everything cooks faster. But apparently, the juices has lotsa of punk in them.
Cinamon and Star anise.
High heat, to cook the pineapple.

Until the water is almost dry before adding the sugar.
I read that i there is still water, it might splatter with the heat.
The sugar will result in the dry fillings to become watery again ...

Patience, patience, ticktockticktockticktock ...

Cook till as dry as I can ...
And roll them one by one, 1 tsp each; and keep them cover and refrigerate well.

For this 2nd batch, the pineapple fillings has a sharper taste as compared to the first batch that I have done, I wonder is it because I use another brand of pineapple from Walmart or is it because I used all the pineapple juice to fry the pineapple fillings? Hmmmmm ...

Ingredient : 2 Pineapples, 500gram Sugar, 1 Cinnamon and 2-3 Star Anise.

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