Sunday, January 6, 2013

A day out at Fort Worth Stockyards Station ...

 Fort Worth Stockyards Station is a tourist must-visit and of course the 'famous' Longhorn parade is a must-watch! And this is the 3rd time we are here, so it ain't as exciting as the 1st two time before ...
For some reason, it is a very short parade today but Gf is satisfied.
TOto is scared shit by the Longhorns, the horse, the sound of whip, the motorcycles and the crowd! SO for the 1st part of the trip, I am mostly carrying him until the crowd disperse and he calms down! And the next day my arms are in PAIN, VERY BAD kinda of Arthritis pain!

Look, TOto is still in Paranoia mode!

TOto is just not in his usual phototaking-mode today, he has to look left and right for NINJAS!

GF went into a touristy store to look for some momentos for her friends and dogs are not allowed so we got to sit outside and wait!
Lotsa of Dr Peppers stuffs inside and I bought a bottle of the Dr Pepper BBQ sauce to try!
Hubba waiting outside with TOto!

A very old Train station on the same street ...

TOto is tired and requested for Gf to carry him because me and Hubba ignore him!
Hahahaha ~

A stop on the highway when Hubba spotted a Marshall ...
I am not a scarf person but the neck is cold cold from the wind today, and co-incidentally the scarfs that I piulled out from Hubba car matches my look today!
TOto is just bushed out ...
TOto just smelt of poop and urine and had to be scrubbed out when he returned home!

And we returned to some very LOCAL dish ...
Char Siew fried Wanton mee!
Everything is handmade except the mee and meatballs.

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