Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CNY 2013 Pineapple Tarts!

Looks yummy right?
I used the same recipe from Kitchentigress's Step-by-step Pineapple Tart, the 1st batch of tarts I made from her recipe; the crust is crumbly; buttery and melts in the mouth! I totally LOVE it! GF who just left was a Pineapple Tart convert after having some of my Homemade Pineapple Tarts! She used to 'don't like' them as the way she puts it. Kekeke ~
Measure out all the ingredient ...
Cooking the butter, sugar, oil and water ...
High heat ...
The idea is to cook away the water, and till the butter brown abit and stops foaming?
The first time I burnt the base badly, but the crust ended GREAT!
This time round, I was very careful but still I burnt abit on the bottom.
Pour the bubbling butter and oil, into the flour.
And mix them together, I added milk because the dough was too crumbly.
Heat up the oven 375C ...
Set everything well with a cup of coffee, and starts wrapping the fillings one by one while watching TV! 
It will take sometime ...

1 tbsp Dough : 1 tsp fillings
(Will be trying out 1/2 tbsp Dough : 1 tsp filling.)
Set them side by side, and brush with egg yolk!

23minutes later ...
The crust last batch seems to taste better, saltier and less sticky to the mouth. I wonder is it because I used a different brand of butter or because I didn't cook the butter mixture enough? I remember burning the butter from the last batch, and was more careful this time round. Well, I can only tried to 'burnt' it more the next round! Hahahaha ~

I still have leftover pineapple fillings, and so I have more tarts to come!

Ingredient : 360gram Salted butter, 60ml Vegetable Oil, 75ml Water, 60gram Sugar and 600gram Flour.

Monday, January 21, 2013

CNY 2013 Pineapple Tarts - Fillings!

I skipped Pineapple Tarts last year, and this year I went full force armed with Kitchentigress's Step-by-step Pineapple Tart.

This is actually my 2nd batch, and the first batch is already finished!
Sliced the pineapple and separate the Core because they need to be grind longer ...
I blended the pineapples, and this time round I added all the pineapple juice to cook with the pulp! I used to drain away the juice, so that everything cooks faster. But apparently, the juices has lotsa of punk in them.
Cinamon and Star anise.
High heat, to cook the pineapple.

Until the water is almost dry before adding the sugar.
I read that i there is still water, it might splatter with the heat.
The sugar will result in the dry fillings to become watery again ...

Patience, patience, ticktockticktockticktock ...

Cook till as dry as I can ...
And roll them one by one, 1 tsp each; and keep them cover and refrigerate well.

For this 2nd batch, the pineapple fillings has a sharper taste as compared to the first batch that I have done, I wonder is it because I use another brand of pineapple from Walmart or is it because I used all the pineapple juice to fry the pineapple fillings? Hmmmmm ...

Ingredient : 2 Pineapples, 500gram Sugar, 1 Cinnamon and 2-3 Star Anise.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bye bye Gf ...

30 days comes and goes ...
We waited 3-4 months for her to arrive and 30 days just passes by so quickly!

We are sure going to miss her, and to make sure she definitely miss us, I decide to wake up and prep one of my 最厉害 dish, "Char Bee Hoon; Mee Siam Style!". 

Hahaha just kidding, but I told her I want to prep her a very Singaporean style breakfast. And what's more SG style than Free Bee Hoon!? And I also set aside some Pineapple tart that I prep for her too! She told me she is NOT a Pineapple Tart person but for some reason she loves my homemade Pineapple Tart! Haha as long as it's homemade, everything taste different and better!
I even have these very Singapore Style plastic Container at home with the red rubber band! Hahaha it looks just like what you get from the Breakfast stall near the MRT station right?
Bye bye Gf, hopes to see you again for X'mas end of the year for your Winter Holiday!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Touristy; 6th Floor Museum and a Cajun dinner!

It was a good day to be out, GF is going back to Wisconsin tomorrow and we got to do this touristy thing of coming down to the famous 6th Floor Museum to take some photographs! 

It's the 3rd time we are here, "Oh Well ..."!
Loves the GREAT weather ...
20C in winter, what can you ask for?
A very typical COWBOY memorabilia store!
Whenever I see a mirror I HV TO CAMWHORE!
After which we brought her to have Cajun food at Razzoo's, which I love!
Am glad GF enjoys the food!
And off to North Park to shop shop abit, and while waiting at Old Navy for GF to do her last bit of shopping; camwhoring! What else right? My gfriends call this the 'DUCK' FACE! Hahaha I LOVE my DUCK face ok, so cute!
The 5$ ankled-sneaker!
Hubba laughed at me saying I SO OLD then start to wear sneakers, hahaha!
This is a PLATFORM sneaker hor, and it's 5BUCKS!
Although cheap it's freaking comfortable, and the shoes doesn't bite me ok, but it's a tad HEAVY!
Home sweet home with my 宝贝 who is still very tired from his run last night ...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shopping @ Galleria Dallas

I must confessed, I am addicted to ONLINE shopping ...
So addicted while waiting for Gf who is shopping in F21, I made an online order seated right outside F21!
Winter is over soon and lotsa of winter jackets or sweats is having clearance sales!
And the platform sneakers only cost a freaking USD5!
I look so sporty today in Cotton On, huh?
I cannot afford to wear cute pretty shoes when I know I have to spend a few hours walking! I have to be in sensible ugly and comfortable SKECHER, if not my feet will be in pain for a FEW days!
Gf so happy, she finally gotten her A&F Sherpa buttoned-up Hoodie on MAJOR CLEARANCE priced!
In her favourite colour, size and style!
I gotten a Sherpa Zipped Hoodie in Red too ...
Dallas Galleria upscale shopping mall with all the 'atas' brand like LV, Tiffany&Co, Saks 5th Avenue etc etc! So you know all the richie-richrich shops there!
And we ended the night with 2 lbs Roast Pork Belly!
And a tired, grouchy poochie who is in Daycamp for half day ...
I am freaking tired just after a few hours of shopping; mentally and physically exhausted ...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A simple dinner @ Jan 8, 2013

Long time no Gyoza and Gf loves them so I have to prep my 'Special' hahaha!
And Hubba requested for Fried Beehoon ...

Hubba refused to go get the 'Special' Taiwanese Gyoza sauce, I have to prep it myself trying to remember how the sauce tasted like.

Sauce ingredient : Sesame oil, Sauce Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sugar and Black Vinegar.
I must really jot down the exact measurement huh!?
But it's so difficult because I have got to keep adding this and that to get to that taste that I wanted!
Mee siam style fried bee hoon, and they love it!
Singapore Style Local bo?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A day out at Fort Worth Stockyards Station ...

 Fort Worth Stockyards Station is a tourist must-visit and of course the 'famous' Longhorn parade is a must-watch! And this is the 3rd time we are here, so it ain't as exciting as the 1st two time before ...
For some reason, it is a very short parade today but Gf is satisfied.
TOto is scared shit by the Longhorns, the horse, the sound of whip, the motorcycles and the crowd! SO for the 1st part of the trip, I am mostly carrying him until the crowd disperse and he calms down! And the next day my arms are in PAIN, VERY BAD kinda of Arthritis pain!

Look, TOto is still in Paranoia mode!

TOto is just not in his usual phototaking-mode today, he has to look left and right for NINJAS!

GF went into a touristy store to look for some momentos for her friends and dogs are not allowed so we got to sit outside and wait!
Lotsa of Dr Peppers stuffs inside and I bought a bottle of the Dr Pepper BBQ sauce to try!
Hubba waiting outside with TOto!

A very old Train station on the same street ...

TOto is tired and requested for Gf to carry him because me and Hubba ignore him!
Hahahaha ~

A stop on the highway when Hubba spotted a Marshall ...
I am not a scarf person but the neck is cold cold from the wind today, and co-incidentally the scarfs that I piulled out from Hubba car matches my look today!
TOto is just bushed out ...
TOto just smelt of poop and urine and had to be scrubbed out when he returned home!

And we returned to some very LOCAL dish ...
Char Siew fried Wanton mee!
Everything is handmade except the mee and meatballs.


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