Friday, December 27, 2013

So much anger in Singapore, I wonder why!?

Met some really weird, angry old folks AGAIN!
We were as usual walking TOto on our usual route.

These old folks maybe in their mid 50s, walk pass us right NEXT to me and they were CLOSE real close and TOto is already on short leash tighten. TOto usually ignore MOST PEOPLE on the walk. The man didn't see TOto at first but when he see, he JUMPS. BUT because of the man reaction, TOto turns to 'SNIFF'. 

NO GROWL, no interest, just turn his head! And the MAN JUMP up and gives this VERY DISGUSTED reaction together with the WIFE! You know the kind of reaction people gives when you bring out your precious handicapped kid, and maybe the kid sort of accidentally 'disturbed' them? YA that type of disgusted reaction by BOTH of them ...

I am pissed but I stayed calm. I turn around and told them nicely saying, "My dog is OK, he doesn't bite. You guys don't have to give this type of reaction." And this become a shouting MATCH for these old folks. We were like verbally abused. I was yet in SHOCKED again! They say TOto were ON THE LOOSE 乱乱走, we cannot control them, yadda yadda ... 

HE WAS ON A LEASH, and that is a PUBLIC pavement! 

The whole time they are shouting and hurling abuse at us, TOto is not even growling or barking at them; he just wants to leave! The MAD DOGS barking are actually these 2 old folks, and I wonder if they can see themselves. I wished I had just videoed the whole thing and STOMP it!

Why are Singporean elderly so UNREASONABLE and ANGRY?
(Not my first time encountering such people!)
That is the reason why people don't respect the elders anymore! Anything they are not happy or 看不过去 they cannot reason it out like a respected adult. First reaction is to be angry, starts to 'niam niam niam', gives faces and/or SHOUT? 

Can't a person be nice about asking for a seat? Be nice about asking for help? Be nice and considerate on the road? Even if I am WRONG, he can nicely tell me off, and I CAN APOLOGISE for it. No big deal, not the first time I apologizes if TOto accidentally 'disturb' someone on the road. 

This will be the reason why I want to leave again.
People is very angry here ...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Another LAST order, Loveculture ...

And I thought ...
But Hub says there is more budget, and so I CHOP CHOP and ORDER, hahahaha!
Just nice 50$, socks is filler!
Black fleece leggings for my HK trip in Feb!
I am so happy, PRE-Xmas spree alone at home in the comfort of my LAPTOP SCREEN!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last order for 2014 F21 and Swim Outlet

Sunglass too cute right, hahaha!
Hopefully I can wear some of these for CNY?

Preparing some swimwear for my new place!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday KL!

Yeah, Celebration for one of our beloved 傻大哥!
But I really got no time to do up, because before going out I got to WALK, FEED and PACIFY TOto before moving out!
Some of the food we ordered.
The service was really bad to the extent there wasn't enough small plate for our sauce, and it took some time for the servers to take orders!

Well Over-rated and OVER PRICED!

But for our Birthday BOY, we LOVE him ...
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Merlie the Pretty Amigurumi Mermaid w Pet Octie

Trying out a mermaid with a sketch! I have never done a sketch before, and usually doesn't know how my Ami will turn out and just cross finger hoping for the best. BUT I decide to do a simple sketch and try my best to follow it.

How did I fare?
Started out with a fin ...

Disagreement with Hubba how mermaid fin should be ...
I still have problem with my INVISIBLE DECREASE, need more practised!
Arrrrrrrghhh ...
A little lacy bikini and a starfish for her hair accessories!

There you go Merlie and her Pet Octie ...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Octie the Amigurumi Octopus

My YARNS are here and there are 'thinner' than what I usually used but after experimenting, they can be used for amigurumi as well! I am super excited, and I can start my project ...
Chosen a super easy design!

I am so in LOVE with all these vibrant colours that I gotten!
WOULD love to get more of these colourful yarns ...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

F21 50% off Sales ...

I 忍无可忍 ...
I am SICK, hahaha ...
Till now I have yet to do ANY shopping for clothes in Singapore but I kept ordering from F21 oversea!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

TIM HO WAN @ TPY Toa Payoh

 Gf was at Bishan for a morning meeting and she volunteer to go queue at THW TPY, so I agreed to go! Seriously I HATE having to QUEUE for food especially when I have to PAY $$$ for it! But luckily the queue was short and she hasn't got to wait for long, and we were late. THW is strict, they only allow people to go in if the WHOLE group is here!
The pictorial menu!
We ordered quite alot for 4pax!
We tried to cancel after we are almost full, but one of the lady staff was reluctant, and when we insist she comes back to say CANNOT. I am quite PISSED, CANNOT or DON'T WANT? I will cancel a star for not accomdating to customer wishes? We just wanted to cancel their MONTHLY special which is the Fried noodle which SUCKS!
Century Porridge came first and they were SERIOUSLY GOOD!
The next time I GO, I want a bowl ALL TO MYSELF ...
The braised chicken feet came as a surprised, it was not the usual red braised but a soy based braised. Another blaaaaaaaahhh too ...
We ordered 3 types of Chee Cheong fun; prawn, pork liver and Char Siew.
I like the prawn best, the prawn is HUGE and there are packed full of prawns. The char siew version is plain, and we have had better.
The liver Chee Cheong Fun is rather unique, I can't say I like it but I don't think I will order them again!
My friends loves the Malai Gao, it is indeed fluffy and warm!

The specialty Char Siew bun, the skin dough is light and crunchy with juicy Char Siew inside! 
THE FLOP noodles that we tried to cancel!
Lo Mai Gai is really fragrance with alot of chicken meat!
Will love it more if there is an egg ...
Lo bak Gao is a rare blaaaaaaaahhh ...
JUST bland, maybe didn't add enough MSG hahahaha!

Worth the crowd and queue!?
I will definitely come back but won't come in if there is a queue!
I HATE queuing for food, I really don't have the patience for them ...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Groupon Voucher Ah Yat Abalone TURF CITY Dim Sum Buffet

Bro was on leave and mom not working on weekday so I decide to bring mom out for a family meal! So DIM SUM what else, hahaha! I gotten another groupon voucher but at Turf City this time round!

I am curious what are the differences between the branches because I read rave reviews for the FORUM restaurant but not much on Turf City!

The menu is almost the same with a few different dishes offered.
But seems like the quality are almost the same!

This is You tiao wrapped in chang fen, was a BLAH too, tasted weird to me!
I prefer just you-tiao!
Century Egg porridge is blah too, bland!
Need some youtiao, hahaha ...

Carrot cake is good, I likey!
This is the THW copycat; char siew bun!
But they named it the Mexican Char siew bun and we were curious ...
The COffee Custard bun was a flop at Turf City, the salted egg were overcooked.
Prawn 'her cho', "erm" too.
Braised beef noodle, "erm" too!
Still, most the the usual dim sums are quite nice and fresh, and with the pricing (38 for 2pax), I think it's value for money.

Will I go back? Of course, maybe I need a DIM SUM break for a month or TWO?
Hahahaa ~


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