Monday, December 24, 2012

X'mas Eve shopping @ Coach Outlet ...

It's the first time lots of retail open till late evening on Christmas's Eve!
And Allen Premium states it opens till 7pm.

Gotten myself a large wristlet and a Foldable travelling bag.
There wasn't as much people as compared to Thanksgiving but they are having an extra 30% + 10% off the current promotion in-store.
Saw these cute white scotty pouch, very cute!
But the size is rather odd, and I have no use for this size.
TOto is so bored, hahaha ...
A cute leatherette bag but out of 'gf''s budget.
We gotten each a large wristlet, and she bought the black ones.
TOto dozing off?
The bag on the left is the foldable bag that I bought but I bought it in Teal.
We also visited Adidas and an fashion store but we came too late and most stores is closing soon!

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