Friday, November 30, 2012

What have I been doing lately???

Took up a new hobby FINALLY!

And I bought a bunch of different yarns even before starting ...
It would be so embarassing if I don't have any result to show.

My first project, and I used a old yarn that I have at home.
A amigurumi beginner's program and a new lighted mirror I just bought from Ulta!
Finishing soon, with ugly inconsistent stitches!
Fat and UGLY, hahah and a big and small flipper because I used different stitches!
Next a simple cover for my Nexus!

TOok me some time, with all the boring stitches ...
And later I decide to 'spruce' the boring cover up with a ornament ...
I practiced with my old yarn again!
I decide to choose the cute bow!
Simple and cute?
Then I try out a Peter pan collar on Black Friday while waiting for time to go shopping!

Looking GOOD!
Cute but the yarn is real UGLY~
And I start another project for a Bottle holder ...

Looks cute, but in the end I find a wrong stitch so the rest of the stitch feels abit off! But it's ok, I can use it anyway. These are not for sale ...
A fingerless hand mitten, cute!?

The thumb hole too big, hahahaha!
A even more ambitious project, a beanie!
Finishing soon!
End result with a flower ...
The flower is too heavy, and instead I prep a flat RIBBON!
Decide to do another amigurumi but at the almost finish point, I lose a stitch and just cannot get a count where I can continue, so I gave up the project ...
And my most recent project, the Peter pan collar again!
People is actually selling the same thing for $25.00, so crazy!
More projects to come ...

Most of the projects I had done, I followed the YouTube step-by-step, and I still couldn't read patterns at all! Hopefully slowly I can understand written patterns!

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